Store update from Jerry Hook. Changes incoming


Hopefully we’ll eventually get better cross core customization, my ‘Spartan’ feels too ‘cookie cutter’ at the moment. Also, ‘343’ should give the ‘Mark V’ some interesting multi-textured visors while we’re at it, the current ones are too plain and uninspired.


I just hope they start adding the reach armor into the battle pass like it should’ve been. That’s legacy armor.


While lower prices are a step in the right direction, I’m still very unimpressed with the store as a whole. Most of the customization is still pay walled and would appreciate a means to grind to customize more of the store items.


I’ll believe it when I see it. This is 343i who mislead the fans about the progression system and never apologised for it and now there telling us there going to work on something to do with the store and there’s is literally no guarantee whatsoever that it’ll be anything major. I want to be proven wrong that 343i can change but from past experience I don’t trust them and I really hope they make changes that make me want to play Infinite.

For now I think I’m sticking with MCC and my backlog of games. The fact that a lot of the content is blocked behind a 2nd paywall with no way to earn a majority of the unlocks for me was kind of the last straw. Not been playing Infinite much since last year because the lack of a proper progression system was/is infuriating.

They can try to lower the prices but that’s not going to be enough for me due the lack of content and lack of earnable unlocks makes it extremely difficult for me to want to come back to Infinite.


We shall see. I’ll stop hovering over the uninstall button, for now.


That’s good news, but I’d be surprised if it was enough of a price cut for me to pull out my wallet.


Don’t give them credit yet.

They blasted the initial prices out the butt so when they eventually dropped the bar it’d be lower standards.

Don’t let our standards be low guys. If its still schnitzel keep pushing.

Don’t congratulate them yet, but this is a step in the right direction at least.


well let next week be the test plus they said its gonna be different each week as their gonna test somethings and hey who knows some of the tests might be good and the community would like them

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its aleast a step in the right direction the shop prices are one the main issues the community has and if its a big hit out the gate it might change some folks minds

but theres a question of folks who have completed the pass during the second flight when more stuff was added in they were unlocked in the pass but locked in the armor hall so if they do I hope that bug is not an issue anymore

I’m gonna laugh if they give people who already purchased stuff a bunch of boosts and swaps for compensation.

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I dont give a damn for lower prices if they dont give us ways to earn credits in game yet.

Hopefully its true and not just empty words said to give a false hope.


okay your about the only one that hates the idea of earning credits in game

why? its not a bad idea gives players a reason to keep playing


Maybe we will get blue and red armor shaders in the same bundle? O.o

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Oh no i didnt mean that! Lmaoo

Just like everyone else, I want ways to earn credits in game. Im not going to be putting money in this dumbster fire.

oh okay I guess you mistyped there :sweat_smile:

Just use the Microsoft rewards program to earn $ and use that. That’s all I ever do is turn rewards into Xbox gift cards and then use it for stuff I’d never actually buy

Theyre still gonna be ripping us off. $60usd for a full game with ALL armors is a standard fair price. They want minimum 10x that with this “free to play” BS so im not expecting much of a drop.

Armors should be $5 each max theyd get over $60 in no time but that aint fonna happen.

Greed will prevail


This is only a great idea if there aren’t any other games you’d rather buy. I mean, even if it’s rewards points $60 will still get you a new game. $30 will still get you a bunch of AAA games on sale. And there are tons of games for $20 or less. And if you have gamepass you can buy a lot of season passes for gamepass games for $10 or less. Rewards points have better uses in my opinion.