Store rant part 2! More inconsistency

Go find my other post for how I feel about the prices themselves, but today’s daily threw me through another loop.
Why is Aureate Noon bundle 600CR, but Misty Drab bundle 200CR?!
All you get is an AR coating! They still have the same amount of items. The Item’s “rarity” is completely arbitrary!
343, what is your pricing system? If Aureate Noon is $6 and Misty Drab is $2, and the only difference is an AR coating, where does the extra $4 come from?! But is an AR coating is $4, why is Deepcore Red $8?!
Please, does anyone have any idea how they come up with these prices!

Edit: So. This has been flagged and hidden, and I do not know why aside from “moderator attention”. I will attempt to explain my post.

I have legitimate questions about how 343 prices their items. I also provided legitimate reasons why I ask these questions. I further leave the post open for discussion.

Why is Aureate Noon 600CR, but Misty Drab 200? Because of the reasons in the original post do not show a consistent system.
I asked what 343’s pricing system is. OR to rephrase, how do they come up with these prices?
I provide further information, asking where the extra $4 comes from and how it does not make sense in comparison to another store bundle.
I then open the discussion, asking if anyone knows why this is like this.

I also do not feel this post is spam or cross-posting because this was brand new information meant to focus more on the objective inconsistency with Infinite’s store, not the subjective nature of the prices like the post I referenced. None the less, I have clarified and edited what I meant. Each post works on its own, but I am referencing another post that is adjacent to this one. So, if this post gets flagged again and as the automated system says it will be reviewed by staff, may I at least know why I was flagged?

Artificially inflate what people are more likely to want, specifically make some uglier than others.
Self sabotaging how good some coatings look so others will look better and charge more.
Gatekeeping specific colors

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