Store prices still feel too steep

So with Season 2 I was hoping 343 would bump the prices down just a little more. This did not happen, but the prices aren’t even consistent too! So, I’m going to detail my problems right now aside from “too expensive” I’ll explain why I feel they are too expensive.

First off, I don’t like that armor sets are 1200 credits ($12 USD) For me, the only item I like is the helmet, chest piece and wrists. So why am I spending $12 on this? I feel like no bundle should be worth more than the battle pass. For me I am spending 20% more on less than 10% of similar content than the battle pass.

“Well the battle pass takes time” So? 343 doesn’t regulate how fast or slow I go, or if I want to complete the pass or not. I payed the 1000 credits either way. The battle pass is supposed to be the best total deal, but in comparison the armor bundles feel like I’m being ripped off. Same with other bundles. The 1000 earnable credits in the pass don’t help soften the blow of the shop prices. For most people, we’re going to use those credits to pay for the next pass, even if not, we will still have to pay either for shop items or the pass. So real money is still going to be exchanged anyway!

So far the only good deal and store item I bought is Crimson Serpent. You get a coating for all UNSC weapons an a BR weapon attachment. All for 600 credits. To me, that is a great deal! And it is in my favorite colors black and red. So yeah, I felt like paying for it. But this week they show deepcore red. But that bundle is 800 creditsw without a weapon attachment! Why am I spending more on this than on Crimson Serpent? Sure, it is 800 credits for 8 weapons. 100 credits each. So why is it a bundle? Those prices are good individual, but 600 credits feel more fair as a bundle. A buy 6 get 2 free deal in my eyes. The weapon attachment in crimson serpent is just a bonus (I don’t like it at all, but again, bonus!) but for some reason Aureate Noon is 600 credits for 1 weapon coating and then a warthog coating, and razor back. Why would I want this one when another pack has a better deal.

And then the daily packs are almost a good deal. You get a weapon charm and an emblem. But for 300 credits, I feel like I’m getting ripped off. If supposedly a weapon coating is 100 credits, which item here is 100 credits? Is the emblem (split into pieces mind you) 100 credits, or is the charm 100 credits. Does it make the other 200 credits, or is this meant to be a deal and both actually cost more? Is the charm 200 credits because it is legendary rarity and the emblem is just epic? Why are they that rare (aside from making them look better on the surface than they actually are) Who are you all to determine how rare/good something is? how good something is up to me, as a consumer. I determine how good something is by purchasing it!

Sure you can get some idea of the popularity of an item. I know this because the firefall helmet in season 1, an ODST item people craved and wanted, was 800 credits. It was sure to sell which is why I think the price was so high. So many people ate that up despite paying $8 USD for a single helmet. I didn’t buy it because that is too much. Why would I pay 80% of the battle pass on one item?! Again, it is up to the consumer if they like it or not, so is 800 credits the standard? Where is the consistency!

343, if you want me to buy your items, give me a deal. I’m willing to buy! I don’t know why your system is inconsistent and overpriced, but regardless of the reason, this is how it is. With that, I’ll suggest a way to fairly price your items.

First, nothing should cost more than the battle pass. That should be both your most expensive item and your best deal. It is what you want most people to buy. That’s the point of a season.

Second, I know the UI doesn’t support individual items, but when you price items out, pretend that is the case. Individual items of any type should start at a minimum of 100 credits. So, theoretically an emblem is 100cr, a single weapon coating is 100CR. A bundle of weapon coatings carry a 20% discount (200cr off) A gun charm can be 200cr, so a bundle is at minimum 300cr like it is now. Vehicle coatings individually will probably be 200cr. Armor coatings 300cr non-cross core, 400cr cross-core. Helmets, chests, and shoulders should cost a little more than other armor pieces at 200 credits (shoulders stay bundled together) Armor effects (bundled) should be 500 credits, not one thing for that price.

When the item is more likely to be seen, it should cost more is what I am getting at. bundles should be a deal, even if individual items aren’t for sale yet. When you price this stuff out, pretend individual items are for sale, set a minimum price for an item, and a maximum price for a bundle and its type, and price out everything from there. my degree is in English, not business, but I’m pretty sure this is how most businesses work! So its frustrating that I’m crunching numbers here for what I would like to spend on these items.


What annoys me, is stuff priced as a little more than you can buy in a Credit Bundle, an intentional decision so you have to buy more than you actually “need” in order to get the bundle. Take the newest bundle, for example, for the armor on the new core. You have to spend $15 at least to get enough Credits to purchase the new bundle. This gives you 1,500 Credits, but the bundle only ever costs 1,200 Credits, leaving you with 300 Credits left over that you can’t really spend on anything that’s worth it. Maybe the Clippy Bundle?

I’d honestly rather just pay using real-cash for stuff in the store as opposed to the Credit garbage, but if I have to spend Credits, at least round down to the nearest purchasable Credit Bundle so that I don’t have to spend more than I need (which is really consumer friendly, 343!)


I think having stuff in a bundle is even worse than the high prices. I loved the helmet and the gloves in the Scout bundle last week, but I wasn’t about to pay $12 for just two pieces without caring about the rest.

Unfortunately seeing as how they made the Firefall helmet by itself $7, I’m sure if I just wanted to buy the Scout helmet and those gloves they’d ask $12 for them anyway.


It’s shocking to me how woefully underdeveloped and driven on FOMO this store is. There are examples of far better in-game stores out there, like Team Fortress 2’s, that Infinite could have taken a page from yet refused to even look at for guidance.


Yea Halo 5 at least had a way to earn ingame currency at a regular and unlimited rate to where if you were dedicated enough, you could unlock everything through natural play. You can’t unlock a damn thing without paying in Infinite.


This is exactly why I refuse to pay for anything toward the store or the premium pass. I already supported the base game so it’s pretty annoying to see the content ripped apart and trying to charge a ridiculous amount of money to ‘own’ everything instead of letting people earn content.

When it comes to buying things to show off obviously not all deals are equal. The aureate white and gold camo looks way cooler than the red weapons they have this week and those red weapons look cooler than the crimson serpent skin.

The armor bundles are more money than the battle pass because they are more unique since everyone and there grandma is gonna have everything from the battle pass in a couple months but only a small percent of players will have those armor bundles

You can get a good deal on a honda or you could waste your money on a mercedes

This for real, and not just in this game either. But anytime some product cost $4.99, goddamnit just take the five and keep the change.

As far as Halo tho, there is an extra layer of frustration when using reward points cuz the points are only redeemable as $1.25, $3, $5, and $10. I gotta think about what I want, convert the credits to dollars then dollars to points and attempt to minimize leftover. It’s frustrating. Then again I ain’t spending any money so whatevs I’ll take it.

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They should hire you, they’d charge less and make more. Regarding this weeks bundle, All I really care about is the helmet and I’m seriously considering letting myself be ripped off by their outlandish prices (ms rewards pts) due to FOMO and its the only helmet I like on the new core giving myself the week to consider.

Just to rant for a second, it’s really sad how this company can be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to launch a new Halo game, do so right next to their strongest competition, given the gift of their competitor’s games being massive fails, manage to get 20 million people try out Infinite.
They had -asides from hiccups- the most successful launch of a new Halo title ever, breaking records built from 20 years of Halo games before it. All to launch with less content than any other Halo title before. Yet, even after all the hype died and the vast majority of that 20 million stopped playing, the fans and community who really love Halo stick around. Rather than 343 thanking their starved fanbase and community for continuing to play by giving us something, providing value where it’s so desperately needed, or honestly addressing the feedback we have been sharing with them for 7 months now. They instead decide to say,

'Hey Spartans, we’re releasing a new armor core for this season and the one normal looking helmet you’ve all probably been scoping out… welp, it’s not offered in the only form of progression system that exists in the game, which most of you already paid to access, you have to pay extra for it. But don’t worry, we know price and value is a concern, so we’ve added it into a bundle loaded with 12 extra items - which you likely will only care about 2 of - and we’re selling the 13 item bundle for $12! Such a steal at only 2 more dollars than the price of the $10 battle pass - and every piece of customization in this and all other future season’s battle passes for the next 10 years-.

What a way for a studio to spit in their fans faces for supporting them even when they don’t deserve it. smfh…

Sorry everybody not sure why, but this one just really hit me in the worst way. -Rant over

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Didnt even bother to read this all cuz its a no brainer.

if you dont give them money, they will stop asking for it

As long as people are willing to pay for stuff that ought to be included in the game, 343 will charge for it. And they will charge whatever they damn well please. So if you dont like it, do something about it.

Dont know why??? You just answered it in the statement before. youre willing to
so if thats the case, get ready to spend

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343 should lower/adjust prices for inflation


Yeah, it’s annoying asf. Maybe we could get challenges that give us credits instead of xp (ex: we can get up to 1 credit challenge per week that might give us like 150cr, idk, and then after you beat that credit challenge you have to wait another week for another Cr challenge).

The thing is, it isn’t even 12 unique items. The emblem is split into 45 pieces, and shoulders are a matching set, but knees aren’t separated. That makes for 9 unique items for $12.

sadly not going to happen. I already ran come across 2 people who have completed paid for the battle pass


Armor bundle prices for Infinite are fairly reasonable- even below average, when compared to some of its live service competitors such as Destiny or Apex Legends. For example you will have to pay $3 more for a similar bundle in Destiny - However, Destiny gives you more value in the color customization by allowing its shaders to be applied to every armor, weapon, and vehicle you’ve unlocked, so it’s a mixed bag.

We all know why the system is set up the way it is whether it’s expensive to some or not, but that isn’t the issue. It’s the fact that you players keep buying from the shop, etc. So why would 343 change anything?

You’ll still buy items from the shop either way and 343 knows this. What annoys me and why I won’t waste my money is how 343 says they will “improve things” but what they are actually saying is, will adjust things to what works for us, not you.

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people buy things regardless of price because due to the system now, they are afraid they might not see it again, or for months anyways. its hard to argue that fact really.


It’s been a while since I’ve played and from the looks of things it will be an entire year before this game gets some actual content, and that is only if things are not delayed again :roll_eyes:

For how poorly 343 is managing this game, Imo they haven’t earned the right to even have a shop running at all.


1000 creds should be the maximum price. We should have a 100 creds option for if there is something for 600 creds instead of 500. Rightly, we should be able to get the exact amount that is needed and we should make that a clear demand for 343 like we did with the first price reduction