Store Prices are LOWERING

Well it can only get better from here.


Correct. If 343 listens to the fans.

We’re already doing our part. 343 just gotta do theirs.


Come to think of it. What’s stopping them from doing their part? I mean look the games good but needs to be improved. Period.

That, I don’t know the answer to. I ask myself what’s stopping them everyday. I can only speculate.

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lol The meaning that 343 exists is halo, if what they do is not halo, be dissolved by Microsoft early, the likelihood he still does not understand this.

A few missing? Have you played the other halo games? Discounting the bungie ones, even previous 343 titles had more modes on offer. I think its very fair to compare them to previous halo games… Or even others in the same genre. If not what else would you compare them too?

Nobody asked for separate cores. They were invented solely to nickel and dime people out of money for “Red” three times. We were promised “tons” of customisation options. Options that were free. Fact is first helmet is locked behind 80+ levels of premium battle pass. Where are the unlocks for skill progression they touted in dev updates? Tons does not equate to a couple of crummy weapon logos when you hit certain ranks… tons does not equate to 6 logos.

We didn’t ask for Deer and Rhinos, they were advertised to us. No one ever said “oh you know what would make halo great, a Rhino!” Is Zeta Halo good looking? Sure, is it anywhere near what was touted in there initial tease… HELL NO.
As for the prices of store items… personally i don’t care, i came here to shoot people, which i cant do half the time due to desync and other server issues like throwing me in a server with 200+ ping. Even if i wanted something from the store, i don’t reward lies and ineptness with my money. Neither should you. But if you want to go ahead, its your money to do as you please with.

They did though. I bought the retail version. It says on the box clear as day “Split screen co op” that’s missing. therefor its incomplete. By the very definition of the word.


Split screen co op for infinite multiplayer**


But out of everything im glad thats all you picked up on :smiley:

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Lets all be grateful that 343 treated their fans like Twitch pay pigs, only to reverse their hideously greedy MTX’s after a huge drop in players and constant fan outcry that they ignored until the absolute last possible moment.

Indeed, let all be grateful 343 treats its fans like that. SMH


This is a copout. The game had a launch. They took the beta tag away. There is no reasons fans wouldn’t expect what they were promised when the game was released. They built up the hype train, they even referenced the hype train in their first Insider Infinite where they claimed we would have tons of free customization options day one. They didn’t deliver on their promises.


As much as I like Infinite, I refuse to give them credit for your first point. Strongholds was friggin boring in Halo 5 and it’s still boring in Infinite. It’s hardly even a new gametype, but rather a variant of Territories that’s less fun… oh and we don’t even have Territories anymore because 343 would rather bring their original gametypes that are not original.
Total control is at least a fun twist on Territories, but it often never finishes due to each team having a zone right by their spawn location.

It’s nice that they brought back Stockpile and made some improvements like making throwable boxes instead if flags, but the the gametype feels completely different from Reach’s. It takes a very long time to try to steal boxes and it leaves you very exposed. There also spawns a ton of boxes all the time, so the focus is never stealing from the enemy team. It’s fun, but it does not feel like Stockpile.

They should bring back one of Halo’s most underrated gametypes which is Halo 4’s Regicide. That was such an awesome dynamic.

Oh btw, did you know that big team slayer and ranked team slayer isn’t team slayer? Because you only get “play team slayer matches” challenge progression when you play the quick play or slayer playlist.


A sizeable chunk of the player base as well as the gaming press have, IMO, rightly called out 343 for a number of their decisions with Halo Infinite.

Time and again we’ve seen the tactic from videogame creators to deliberately create and profit from a problem then to rein it back slightly so they can convince people they are listening so 343 saying they are going to make the shop better doesn’t yet represent a win for the community.

Remember 343 had over $1,000 of microtransaction content ready for Season 1 and that’s not including consumables in the form of xp boosts or challenge swaps.

Yes it’s good that 343 are improving things but that doesn’t mean their improvements retroactively change the fact they knowingly put something out that they knew wouldn’t satisfy their customers nor does better directly equate to good, getting kicked in the balls is better than being shot in the head but I still don’t want to be kicked in the balls.


Honestly I don’t think the prices will drop, but the bundles will be split so the items can be picked up at a lower price. The price per item will likely stay the same.

Not fussed either way, if something nice comes up I will buy it regardless.

Ive got to say im getting sick of all these people who are in denial and up 343’s -Yoink!- saying the comunication between them and the community has been great and the way they are making changes constantly due the community complaining about certain things! To hell with all that! The point is 343 are having to undo all the changes they keep trying to make with the halo games! all they had to do was stick to the original formula they were left by bungie but no! There to busy trying to make halo there own and change it massively when it doesnt need it! Every decision they have made when creating halo 4, 5 and infinite has backfired and been met with backlash! Im sick of them turning halo into something its not and most of all im sick of there greedy little tactics! Im sick of massive gaps in story between there halo games and countless plotholes cause they want people to buy books of other marketing products to be able to get the full story! Im sick of the stupid transition of halo multiplayer becoming some sort of fortnite mash up with stupid none cannon skins and accessories like cat ears! There making a joke out of halo and all they care about is marketing and milking the life out of the halo franchise the xp progression system and microtransactions are a massive step in the wrong direction and they dont give a damn about the fans of bungies halo games they just want to cash in as much as possible! Microsoft need to take the hslo franchise off 343 and move it on to a better studio!!


None of this matters. We shouldn’t be paying anything for customization. Instead the game is ultimately priced at seventy bucks to get a full Halo experience with absolutely nothing new brought to the game of substantial substance, PLUS thousands of dollars worth of Microtransactions. This game is a broken hallowed out husk of what Halo should, and used to be.


I’m not, because the devs that actually do the work are not the problem, it’s the hire-ups. Just because they made a tiny chang it in no way makes up for the many wrongs they did and will continue to do.

This is a multi-billion dollar company that chopped up a game and is trying to treat a game that was never and will never be a looter shooter for padded playtime and the shop.

It is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen happen to Halo.

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The amount of copium the 343I apologists are shooting up in this community is absolutely astounding. NOTHING THEY DO WILL MAKE UP FOR THE LIES THEY INITIALLY SERVED TO US! GET IT THROUGH YOUR FANBOY HEADS! THERE IS NO REASON WHY THEY SHOULD BE FIXING THESE MISTAKES, BECAUSE THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE. HALO INFINITE IS BAD, and no amount of solid gameplay will make up for the rest of what is wrong with this incomplete raging dumpster fire.


Yep. Lowering prices isn’t bringing me back. If they were serious they’d put that stuff in the battlepass. It just goes to show where their priorities are. I haven’t touched this game since new year’s eve but I’ll gladly hop back in whenever they decide to stop with these half-measures and deliver some real changes.


Basically what 343 had the CM say is, we don’t care whether you like it or not. We set this up to take as much money from you guys as possible, but never mind we really didn’t offer you anything in return…


I still got a F2P business model in my 60 dollar game. I only have the ability to unlock 2 helmets without spending money on customization.

Forgive me If I don’t feel like giving 343 a bj over lowering their store prices