Store Prices are LOWERING

Ok so as I read the threads and see the news and whatnot, I’m utterly shocked by the lack of gratitude towards 343 Industries. This is already one of the best games they’ve churned out and it works. The vocal minority that is angry at 343 Industries are NOT the entire player base. I repeat, ARE NOT the entire player base. I for one, am extremely grateful for what they’ve done thus far. The multiplayer is already better than Halo 5’s for logical reasons.

  • #1 is that its original. The game modes are ORIGINAL. They are Halo staple modes. No Warzone or anything like it. Granted there are a few modes missing but I’m sure they’ll be added in time. Seriously guys, comparing this brand new game that released decades after your comparison material. It doesn’t make sense to compare it to Halo 3 or Reach. They are completely different games and were made by different companies, so chill on that argument ok?
  • #2 is the that we have advanced customization. We have armor cores for different generations of armor. NO OTHER HALO GAME HAS DONE THAT. And it’s great. You have a Legacy armor from Halo Reach and the new armor from Halo Infinite, both of which are ultimately more creative and interesting than armors churned out by Halo 4-5. You guys whine about not getting cross core customization when that DIDN’T exist 5 minutes ago.
  • #3 The store prices are LOWERING. People are saying that it’s a “step in the right direction” when this is literally great! You don’t give them credit, you don’t thank them, you DON’T play it enough to fully understand the game. You’re too stuck up to play it looking for the good instead of whining about the bad. You wanted deer and rhinos and biomes on Zeta Halo? Take a look at what you got. And extremely detailed and interesting map, chalk full of Easter eggs and fun little skirmishes. It’s great fun if you wanted to play the game to have fun.

Finally, 343 Industries did give us an incomplete game. But that’s no hill to die on ok? We are getting DLCs and part 2’s and whatnot. It’s gonna happen. 343 promised us all this stuff and your angry that they couldn’t deliver on Day 1. So wait and see. Be patient. Stop criticizing this game and start playing it. If you have nothing nice to say and any constructive criticism to give, stop posting about this game. Stop starting toxic threads full of insults to one another and unstable reasoning. You only see half the picture.


First off, why would we show gratitude for moving goal posts? They purposely started with inflated prices for the store and knew they would receive backlash. It’s a pretty common practice especially with the constantly changing marketplace for microtransactions. This is a win situation for them either way. If they received little to no backlash, they would have simply kept the store prices and profited. Instead, they received alot of outcry and moved the price point to most likely, the original price it was designed for. Now they receive false praise for “listening”.

Second point, why are you brushing off an incomplete game? This mentality is exactly why we fans are here in the first place. Release a completed game and you avoid this entirely. Going forward, you are verbally giving them a free pass to release incomplete games and patch later.

Please, “advanced customization”? I’m hoping you are blinded by fanboyism.


You don’t know that.

And you know what? I am a fanboy but that doesn’t mean I can’t be logical. Look at halo 4 and 5 and look at Halo Infinite. The armor is noticeably better looking and feeling. It’s nostalgic.


I didn’t really have a problem with the pricing to begin with. So why would I show gratitude?

Like thanks for letting the kids in the pool during adult swim. :smiley_cat:


People have a right to be frustrated. That doesn’t excuse blatant toxicity, but don’t go thinking that alone gives you any ground to stand on.

They lied to us. They’re the one’s who made promises they couldn’t deliver.


If it’s impressive, I’ll be impressed, I might throw in a bit of gratitude but it’s difficult to be impressed when we don’t know the details yet.

If it’s gone from 2000 to 1000 credits for something then I still won’t be impressed. MICROtransactions will likely never be ‘micro’ so I’ll likely not be impressed.

I’m capable of not buying something if I see it’s ridiculously priced.

However, I couldn’t actually give any less of a :poop: because I’m FAR more concerned about the gameplay and the bugs. When they are fixed and expanded I’ll be grateful (although that should have happened already) and may write many posts thanking them then


I don’t think they could in day 1. This game was meant to be a huge deal. It’s been a month or two since launch. You say they lied. They advertised for a complete game and it won’t be complete yet until we get the DLCs that could possibly have all the missing content. So they didn’t lie to us. They just aren’t done with the game yet. There’s more to be done.

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They promised us millions of customization options but neglected to tell us it wouldn’t be here Day 1. What’s that sound like to you?

Omitting info so your game wouldn’t take a hit in sales. This is a feedback forum at the end of the day and I don’t see how this feedback would benefit the game if it wasn’t genuine.


It sounds like the only way they could keep a solid player base on day one. It’s kinda smart. It’s how they got enough players to make more updates. Now we’re all sucked in because deep down we all like the game.
This feedback tells them that we aren’t all heartless monsters demanding more and more from them

That doesn’t matter. What they did was wrong and you don’t seem to be that bent out of shape about it; and that’s fine.

However, don’t go thinking you can shame people into silence. The game gets better because of feedback. It may not be nice but they don’t want you to baby them. They want to do their job and get reliable feedback.


As someone that frequently gets called a shill for 343 on these forums, this isn’t the right attitude.

You should never be “grateful” for a company that sells you content in a video game. This is a business transaction between a company and the consumer. There’s nothing to be “grateful” for. You can acknowledge positive changes they’ve made, sure. But never be grateful for a service/product that costs money.


I’m sorry?? Being grateful has nothing to do with the money or the company. It’s enjoying what you have and acknowledging why it’s good. This is a good game. Not perfect, could be way way wayyyy better. But it’s a good game for now.

A company should be grateful for its customers, not the other way around.


So your saying it’s better to not be grateful for Halo? Directly or indirectly it’s the company that brought this to us.

You seem more like a corporate conspirator than a logical observer

Okay okay look man.

I love halo. However, I know when people are trying to play me.

You do right by halo by calling out crap like this and pushing 343 to do better.


But you don’t understand. Without 343 there is no more halo.

What do you mean? Why would 343 give up halo? That’s an incredibly stupid decision. :rofl:

I’m saying that you should feel grateful that you’re in a position to enjoy Halo. You can be grateful that you have the means to play the game (free time, a console/PC to play it on, and so forth). The same way I can be grateful for having food to eat. But it would be lunacy to be grateful for Walmart because they gave me the opportunity to buy an apple for 10x more than it cost for them to stock it.

By… telling you not to give undue gratitude to a company that solely exists to make money?

What?? All I said was that 343 is the reason why halo is still relevant.

Oh. Well, yeah. True. However, their reputation with the fans has been spotty.

Looking back, it’s understandable. Halo 5 was not a very good entry. It saw the introduction of microtransactions, fundamental gameplay changes; at of things nobody asked for.

I’m glad Halo Infinite, gameplay wise, feels great but I’m not impressed by the state the game’s in. I’ve got plenty of reasons not to be. Not because of entitlement.

Look at how other entries felt in comparison to Halo Infinite. It’s a step up from 5 but multiplayer is lackluster.