Store Items - Lacking Creativity

Personally I think the price points are fair in the store but the items themselves need to be interesting and worth the money 343 is asking for.

Make some cool weapon effects, some armor affects, kill effects, etc anything to make the items you buy unique and fun. Right now the items feel very bland. almost like they are items you’d unlock through gameplay or a battlepass.

I like how valorant does their skin bundles they are so expensive yet people buy them because they have that special feeling when you use them. They also give you the option of buying 1 item in the bundle instead of being forced to buy the whole bundle.

Please focus on making the items in your store better so I can use the 10000 credits I purchased.

I think the cat ears are the right direction (could’ve even expanded the cat ears like sound effects for kills or you get the idea) FYI I didn’t buy the cat ears (not my cup of tea) but its an example of what a good item in the store can do for you.

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I’m happy paying £7.99 for the battlepass but won’t touch the store. That stuff should all be in the battlepass too. I think selling battlepasses only should be enough money for them

Yes the battlepass could use more items such as some of the ones currently in the store. from there you add actual S-Tier items in your store.