Store changes to be implemented next week!

We have confirmation from 343i’s head of design that store prices, bundles and more will be updated. They will still be listening to our responses after the changes and will further adjust as needed!

Happy we are being heard by 343i! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


About time, hope they release better stuff as well.


Just so you know, none of that will benefit you in any way. It’s all useless. Whatever is released in the store will not affect your gameplay experience or stats at all whatsoever.

Having a better shop makes the community happier, and adds to the overall experience. No ones buying cosmetics to increase their stats nor did she say anything about that. She hit onyx without cat ears, and could do the same again with or without cat ears being cross core. The game needs major changes overall but the way they currently nickel and dime the store without proper cross core options or real customization in general absolutely needs an overhaul as much as adding more game types. We’re literally still in the beta stage, and seeing them address it with our feedback is never a bad thing.

thats ok the only stat we have right now is games played LOL

It will benefit me because customisation is important to me. Not sure why you would assume people buy cosmetics to gain an advantage in game. It doesn’t work like that.

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Honestly, you’re better off just ignoring him. Whenever he sees a post about customising Spartan’s he cannot restrain himself from telling people what they already know.

In regards to your actual topic, I am glad that 343i are making changes to the store. I think the only thing left afterwards is for us to earn some cR in-game either through a battlepass or challenges.

Yeah I’d love to be able to earn some credits. This is the only Battle Pass Ive seen that doesny give any back. Incredibly distateful.