Store Catalogue & Generalized Challenges

Hey! This is my second feedback post, and for this I wanted to discuss my opinions on a store catalogue and generalized challenges.

First up, I want to cover my ideas for a store catalogue!


  • Players have voiced frustration with FOMO (fear of missing out) practices and artificial scarcity for digital items.
  • Players have voiced frustration with the inability to purchase individual items, and armor coatings locked within certain bundles.

Possible Solution:

  • At the end of a Season, all Seasonal Bundles + Shop items go into a Catalogue.
  • In the catalogue, all items are separated from bundles and can be purchased individually.
  • Bundles in the shop would cost less than individual items purchased from the catalogue – this incentivizes players to purchase bundles during seasons, since they’ll be less expensive than when they go into the catalogue – but if they want to purchase individual items, they can wait until they go into the shop.
  • Players can purchase what they want, with a variety of options, and 343 still makes money!

Next, I want to talk about making challenges more generalized.


  • Challenges are VERY specific right now. This, combined with the lack of agency when it comes to selecting certain maps and modes (Quick Play modes being random, certain maps with vehicles, etc.) will lead to frustration as challenges are very situational.
  • Challenges feel very unrewarding and grindy – they do not complement the player, but force them to a certain playstyle based on random/situational criteria.

Possible Solution:

  • Make challenges less specific, allow them to complement gameplay, and let them encourage players to try new things instead of forcing them to!
  • Change weapon challenges (e.g. “Get 5 kills with Assault Rifle”) to weapon/ammo TYPE challenges (e.g. “Get 5 kills with Kinetic weapon,” “Get 10 kills with Burst weapon,” etc.)
  • Encourage sandbox diversity, teach players game mechanics, and help players train with challenges! (e.g. “Deplete 10 enemies’ shields with Plasma weapon,” “Damage 5 groups of enemies with Shock weapon,” etc.)
  • Get rid of mode-specific challenges until modes can be chosen – instead have playlist specific challenges (e.g. “Score objectives in Quick Play,” “Get 20 kills with vehicles in BTB,” etc.)

I’ll probably update this with ideas as I think of them, but here’s the post so far!
Let me know what you think!


Half the challenges are already playlist specific, it’s that huge amount of that that is also turning people off, because it’s just to much and they are all the same only for another playlist, so it’s getting extremely repetative. We need LESS playlist specific challenges too.

I’m not able to edit my post right now for some reason, but I had realized that and was going to clarify, haha. Thanks for pointing that out!

I can’t edit this post for some reason, so until I can, I’m going to put some more solutions I’ve thought of for generalized challenges here.

  • Playlist specific challenges should only exist for things like objectives, and NOT kills (e.g. don’t have “get kills in Team Slayer,” but just “get kills”)
  • Right now, players can get multiple of the same challenge with different numbers (e.g. “Get 5 kills with Assault Rifle” and “Get 10 kills with Assault Rifle”) – maybe change this so you’ll start out with the smaller number, and upon completion, it “levels up” akin to the Daily Challenges system (e.g. “Get 5 kills with Kinetic weapon” becomes “Get 10 kills” etc.)
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