Store Bundle Info *A MUST READ*

That’s not a full Halo experience.

You can really only take it at face value. It’s all store content buddy. Rumors and things not entirely founded on facts are what you should take with a grain of salt.

Why should I? This is basically the same as when the story leaked.

I do have a job…very well paying one…Youre statement doesnt make sense. If its bothersome to me…then buy it? Why would I do that if the concept of using real money to buy in game cosmetics DOES bother me -_- ? I refuse to support this backwards business practice they are doing. Simple as that. The fact that there are people like you defending this WHILE KNOWING what Halo was like in the past is very very telling. Its no wonder we keep getting games with the nonsense microtransactions, loot boxes and ofcourse battle passes.

It is a darn shame they did this. Currently there is nothing unlockable from playing (outside a premium Battle Pass or ridiculous promotions in IRL)

Yeah, unbelievable, what’s the point of defending $hitty practices?

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