Store bought armors can’t be changed (HCS)

This is a small gripe but when I buy ARMOR that comes with all unique armor pieces, armor coating and visor…… why can’t I change that armor? Why can’t I edit the HCS armor with a different coating, or change the pieces on it?

Seems like an oversight with me. Like spend money on a set of armor that you can change seems so odd to me .


That’s so weird. Hopefully it’s a bug. I wouldn’t want to buy armor I can’t customize.


The Halo Championship Series armor sets, Halo Reach armor sets, and all other armor sets, are preset to the canon of that character. You aren’t buying a skin and visor pack, you’re buying fan merch supporting that competitive team, like a football or baseball jersey. Those armor sets are the sets worn by the teams in the HCS competition matches. You didn’t know you were buying e-sports fan gear?

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If we are going to start throwing around canon as an excuse what about the spartans that use older gear sets? Mixing it with newer tech? The fact of the matter is the core system is a bad system that hinders the players expression. Why cant i use MK7 with MK5B? it just another way 343i is screwing up again

And also there is absolutly no reason as to why the team colours are classed as a core which you cant change the armour pieces on nor have the BR skin on by itself


Cores work like consoles. You can’t put an N64 game in a Nintendo Switch. They’re based on what armor types were available for that generation of spartans. Again, the HCS armor sets are essentially sports team uniforms, and in sports, everyone wears the exact same uniform, with different colors

It’s no bug. The armor in the store for the HCS teams are all kits that are an all-in-bundle which overrides the rest of the armor. The same thing done for the Noble Team characters on the Mark V [B] core.

you are making excuses for them, your analogy here is not great especially when you are trying to compare in video game customization to IRL hardware

why should it matter in a video game space wether or not the hard ware is compatible? and as for the HCS stuff its the colour not apply to amour you want to wear? you are still showing your support as the colour is the uniform not the armour, clothes etc

I’m trying to explain it like they’re 10 because a lot of new players to Halo don’t understand anything about Halo, and it shows. The cores are based on different games canon, like how in MCC you can’t wear Halo 4 armor in Halo 2, etc. People choose to represent their favorite generation of spartans from their favorite game in the series.

Im pretty sure a while back the plan for the MCC was to be able to mix and match armour and the reason it didnt happen was a massive clipping issue but then we also have the different veriations on older gen armour being readily availible throughout the games to mix and match with the new stuff

ive been playing Halo games and reading/watching the extended stuff and i dont think “just because its cannon” is a good reasoning for limiting customization

Personally I would like a core that has a mix and match system, but I can’t see them doing that for a few more years at least, and it would just have updated versions of classic armors, instead of lore accurate ones

The bots already mix and match across armor cores lol

They also have armors that we don’t, like cat ears. Not sure why their armor works that way, but would be nice to be able to do. Knowing how the game is, there’s probably gonna be some garbage premium armor core for $50. I’m just explaining why they have it set this way. Never said I liked it.

I’m mostly just teasing about the whole “it might take a few years” part of what you said. No hate intended. But if they really wanted to they could probably get cross core going pretty quick.

Well I’m buying the whole armor set along with each piece that I didn’t have before. You’re telling me I shouldn’t be allowed to add my watchdog skin to the cloud 9 armor and still have everything else I paid for? I should be able to mix and match my armor set that I paid money for.

Saying it’s “like a Jersey” as an excuse as to why I can alter it is very dumb. I should be able to use the cloud 9 emblem on any armor set I want along with the visor color. I just think it’s very limiting. I like the mark 7 set and I should be able to alter it.