Stopping 5 Killjoys is not a Challenge – It's team-sabotage

While getting killjoys isn’t particularly difficult (they occur naturally), the conditions needed to earn them are completely backwards to what challenges should be. Essentially the game is asking you to kill the guy who’s been terrorizing your team. In other words a killjoy is only rewarded when you or your team has been playing badly. It’s like telling players to get Comeback Kills (get a kill after dying 2 or more times in a row). It’s only given to player that are performing poorly. Ironically Comeback kills could be forced and don’t rely on the performance of the other team.

tl;dr This is an objectively bad challenge that, at best, isn’t challenging since killjoys can’t actively be chased, and at worst, encourages game throwing.

That said, the general improvements to the Tenrai Event have been great so far. Hopefully future events follow its path.


I hate this challenge due to the fact that it’s basically impossible to know who is and who isn’t on a killing spree? It’s not like they glow orange or something so you know to target them. It’s just blind luck to get a killjoy. Challenges based on luck and RNG and garbage and need to be removed


I just hope it’s not the ultimate “challenge” this week, since those can’t be swapped.

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