Stopped resetting rank?


Have 343 stopped resetting ranks for people and just giving them straight up time bans? ive been reset once around a year ago and have recently been banned for 2 weeks. next time will i get reset or banned again?

What did you do exactly? Go idle? Quit/betray too many times? Challenge resetting?

Rank resets were always manual by Bungie, 343i haven’t done, or at least, not a single person has complained about a reset here since 343i took over.

Moa, I can confirm this.

I have had a friend who was reset not a few weeks ago due to AFKing on Firefight.

No resets since 343 took over except for a few around January. There have been a few perma-bans however.


Not true.

There is been no resets since May last year. If your friend really has been reset then he/she got reset last year and just played Reach for the first time in ages.