Stopped Gaining/Losing Ranked Points v2.0

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“Been playing with my old friend in doubles and we have like an 80% win rate and at some point I’ve stopped getting ranked progression in Doubles. Last night for instance we won 8/10 games we played and my progression bar stayed at halfway through Diamond 3 no matter if we won or lost. Really trying to push Onyx here, so I’d love a fix”

“This means your CSR (rank) has reached approximately the same value as your MMR (skill). Now that your CSR and MMR match, the system will try to keep them the same so that your rank acts as an accurate representation of your skill. For your rank to go up further, you will have to win and actually get better at the game.For more info, see the matchmaking feedback update threads in the Matchmaking section.”

So I’ve just won 6 Doubles games in a row and my rank has progressed all of maybe 1/8th through Diamond 3. I’m completely aware of how MMR ranking systems work to get you to the most accurate place based on your player skill, but I don’t think the person who initially responded understood that aside from the other night where connection problems caused us to forfeit a couple games before we even got into them, my partner and I maintain an 80% win rate in Diamond. Certainly if I’m winning 80% of the games as Diamond 3, I deserve to actually rank up, especially when I win six in a row, right? Like doesn’t that make sense? I understand that it’s a lot more zero’d in so it’s not like I’m arguing that I should already be Onyx off of winning six games in a row just now, but my teammate ranked up to Diamond 4, so why haven’t I? After all, I ranked higher than he did in our placement matches and we only play with one another. So shouldn’t he be slightly underneath me in Diamond 3 rather than progressing through the ranks on wins like I used to?

Everything was fine until a couple of nights ago when about half the time we got into a game it would either kick my buddy out in the lobby or me out before the match even started. Ever since then my rank has literally appeared to be stuck. I’m not making it up when I say last night after winning 8 games and losing 2, even after losing my CSR never budged from halfway through Diamond 3. Is this the idea of rank progression in halo 5? If winning 80% of my matches keeps my rank the same, then this progression system seems inherently busted. If my buddy and I can beat kids so badly that when they get matched up with us again they quit out of the game, but I’m still in their mmr, then this system isn’t working.

I’d like to think that isn’t the case, so I would really appreciate it if someone could take the time to look at things internally to make sure nothing is stuck rather than giving me a blanket statement about winning and getting better at the game. How do you even judge skill outside of wins? My positive K/D? My 5.~+ KDA? People quitting when they get matched up with us again? Messages from Champion players telling us that we ruin the game because we play the meta? Beating Onyx players with perfect win rates? All I’m saying is my buddy’s CSR is moving just fine based off of win/loss and mine is stuck halfway through Diamond 3 even though I’ve always had a slightly higher CSR since we placed. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.

Sorry for the redundant message. The last response I got did not adequately answer the issue and the thread was locked. Please feel free to look through my match history and tell me if this makes sense or if I’m just lost in the sauce.