Stopped gaining levels in event?

been stuck on level 3 for a good few games now, cant see a progress bar so got no idea wtf’s going on.

why have I stopped levelling up, and yes im still playing event playlist.

any clue?

You need to complete orange challenges. You should get 7 if you complete a your weeklies. Each orange challenge completed is one event level up. You might need to complete some none event challenges to get more orange challenges to show up.

Blimey! that simple…

cheers :slight_smile:

Gonna have to wait till April before you actually complete the event though lol

You have to complete the event-specific challenges, in this case those are the challenges related to Fiesta

On a side note you can only reach level 7 on the event battle pass this week, not sure why but it sucks to halt progression.

Event is Timed Gated. Limited Progression to 7 tiers. Sucks -Yoink!-.
The team and leader that decided this should be removed from any future decisions.

The event challanges don’t pop up. its frustrationg