Stopped earning xp?!

Up until about 10 minutes ago I could earn xp, I have had no pop ups telling me I have hit the limit or saying I have a credit ban…

Anybody know why this has happened?

It literally says in-game that you’ve hit the XP cap.

Yea I got the same thing, i couldn’t earn any xp at 4:45A.M. this mourning for a couple of matches. I do have double xp and I had about 20 matches of it. I was playing Spartan Ops online and I was recieving 11,000 xp for some missions but after a while I might have reached a credit limit for that time for I was receiving a good amount of xp.

I stopped earning XP but I didn’t get a warning…

It didn’t tell me that I hit a credit cap in game either.

This same thing happened to me today. You no longer receive xp without any sort of warning. After a game the xp screen is completely skipped and the game jumps to a matchmaking queue screen. After reading up the only solution seems to be to wait awhile :frowning: Just started working on the ole campaign in the meantime. Really hoping it goes away eventually.