Stop your attention on the competitive scene

I know Halo isn’t the only game to focus on only game to be doing this. I mean notice that whenever there is a new indie game it instantly gets popular, this is because it is focusing in the fun when the game releases, but when it progresses it starts to focus on the competitive scene. Halo needs to pull out of focusing on the competitive side and start on the fun side of things if they do this they can gain much more players.

General things Halo lost or pushed back likely due to this:
Playable elites
Duel wielding
Split screen
Other game types
Non-spartan games

I’m pretty sure most of these weren’t hampered by competitive scene, but just because 343i/microsoft are honestly trying to do too much with this game, with the assortment of people they have staffed for it honestly.

I know duel wielding was removed because it over complicated weapon balance. It just added way too many factors you had to take into account.

Split screen was probably trying to pushing boundaries with the game, and split screen was holding what they could do back. I do kind of wish they could bring this back though.


I know it’s frustrating… but the list is filling out.

Co-op is nearly here.

Forge is leaking… and it looks insane.

Infection is around the corner.

Invasion / Firefight will be covered by Extraction (soonish) and Tatanka (later).

Split screen?

Playable Elites - I guess will come eventually - but is probably too small a market to justify the time and resources.

Dual Wielding was cool but didn’t work. Could be retooled as a pure custom option - but was way too disruptive to the sandbox to work. There is a reason they dropped it (and pretty much no other game took it up). Give it up.