Stop worrying about cosmetics and progression

Cosmetics and progression need to go on the back burner indefinitely for the time being until the core mechanics of the game are sorted.

So many issues with latency, hit registration both weapon and melee. These are they issues that need to be addressed first and foremost. The game can be fun when everything’s working.
I mean who thought regular 100ping plus was exceptable in an fps game.and don’t get me started on what’s going on with BTB at the minute cause that’s just a joke.

We need to come together as the halo community and say enough is enough. If your wanting us to actively engage in your microtransactions then you need to sort out the core mechanics of the game first and foremost.


while I am not having these issues myself(pc) I have heard about them and they should certainly come first.
Battlepass and cosmetics are simple.
Core gameplay always should come first.

well except for BTB. That game mode does not even exist as far as I am concerned. Just a tease

Well said OP. Couldn’t agree more. I personally am loving Infinite, but the fact that I can’t even play a single game of BTB is a bit of a joke. Also appreciate the call for unity as a community. Definitely something that is needed.