Stop with the complaining for chief's sake.

I know Halo 4 just came out and everything and everyone is getting use to everything but come on, the complaining needs to stop. It wont accomplish anything and might even make 343 ignore what you want fixed, IMO Halo 4 has gotta be my second favorite game of 2012 (first being Darksiders 2) campaign so far is great, and multiplayer is outstanding. This is one of those very few games where I play for fun and not to unlock anything, the reweard I get is the fun of it all. I’m getting tired of people whining over petty things, yes times have changed and Halo 4 isn’t like the past Halo’s but things have to change, you dont want the same game just copy and pasted to a newer title, I know I dont. So please, just make a complaining thread and post everything you dont like about the game to keep these forums clean.