stop whining!

seriously, i hate all this (343 didn’t do this; 343 should of done that; 343 are gay because; I R TEH ANOYED BCUS DIS; etc) Negative feedback with nonconstructive argument like they are some pissed off 10-year old. If you are unhappy, either keep it to youself, or voice it in a logical manner.
Thank you for listening.

note: please DO NOTpost comments which are like the ones i have pointed out in the brackets, it would really be ironic.

your just asking to be trolled but I’m going to let someone else do it.

It’s a forum. If you’re generally unhappy about the way people voice their opinions, you probably shouldn’t be here.

I’ve long since stopped expecting people to be reasonable on the internet- which is why it’s a nice surprise when they are.

Oh hey! Let’s complain about people complaining!

Yea, that’ll work. Welcome to the Internet.

This thread is consistently pointless in a time filled manor.