Stop Throwing Me Around

If I’m in a full lobby in Warzone and finish a match, can you please change it so that I don’t get removed from it? You have no idea just how infuriating it has made me. I can’t begin to count the number of times that this has happened. And practically EVERY TIME it does, I’m always put on the losing team.

I don’t personally care if we lose a match. That doesn’t bug me nearly as much. I can also understand it if I just got on the game and my first match ends up putting me into a game that has already started. But if I play the match through to the end, it shouldn’t remove me from that lobby. If no one is leaving the room, we should all still be in the next match. I absolutely hate being thrown around by matchmaking and tossed into totally random rooms at the end of every friggen match. Its annoying. And honestly? When that kind of crap happens I don’t even care enough to really try. I’ll either just hang back and pick off the enemy team from a distance or I’ll just say screw it and not contribute at all.

Sorry. I’m not going to bend over backwards and waste my time and effort being the only one on the team who is actually trying to win. Its not my fault matchmaking decided to pull me out of an already populated lobby for the sake of filling vacant spots for a team that probably deserves to lose anyways. Odds are those spots only opened up because those folks who left realized that the rest of their team didn’t have a damn clue what to do and refused to listen to very simple instructions. Hell, at that point the match should end just to show mercy.

And I mean, its really starting to turn into a trend where its practically always a 200-300VP difference. That’s ridiculous.

So yeah, not too happy about the matchmaking in this regard. At least with Warzone.