I dunno just how people get their jollies today and before today I didn’t care… but when an innocent warthog is driven off a cliff you have gone too far sir!!!

Seriously though what is with these ding bats I’ve been seeing lately who get into a spartan ops game with a warthog or something in it and they decide that despite the gunner using the vehicles’ turret, he has to get in and drive it off a cliff just to make the vehicle go away? Or if you are driving it, they decide a plasma grenade on the rear bumper is how they’ll stop the covenant.

Truth be told these people just wanna ruin someones vehicular slaughterfest because it just might outshine them.

Quit with the childish playing. I mean this is even worse then though jealous punks who want the vehicle you’re using and will plasma blast it until you get out or until they run out of ammo.