STOP! The Differences of Complaints/Criticism

I am absolutely sick and tired of people trying to defend halo 4 against anyone who makes one comment or suggestion to help improve the game or make halo games better in the future. At the same time, I am also annoyed at the complainers who are being catagorized with those who are actually trying to communicate with 343i to help make changes to the game. So I felt like I had to make this thread to clarify the difference between complaints and criticism.

Complaints include, but are not limited to:
-This game sucks.
-This game is like cod.
-(insert broken/unbalanced mechanic) sucks.
-I hate this game/I’ll never play it again.
-(insert game mode) sucks.
-The community is dead.
-Halo 4 is cheap (in price) now.

Criticism includes, but is not limited to:
-This game could have/should have been more like(insert previous game) (insert reason)
-(insert broken/unbalanced mechanic) is broken/unbalanced, and it needs to be fixed. Here’s what I think 343i should do…
-(insert problem) is unacceptable. The previous halo games never had this problem, so why does this game have it?
-I dont want to play/buy this game anymore, it doesnt feel the way halo used to feel before. Here’s why…
-This game feels too much like (insert previous game), and I dont like it because…
-This game’s population is decreasing (link of proof)
-(insert previous game)'s population is increasing (link of proof)
-This game’s price has been lowered for (insert reason). (link of proof)

If posters are posting something from one of the complaints list, go ahead and flame them, or if you are more mature, ask them nicely to explain why they say what they said. If they use another complaint item, just ignore them. If posters are posting something from the criticism list, let them speak. Then, actually read and comprehend their post. If something doesnt add up or can be proven otherwise, respectfully disagree with them and state why. Opinions are opinions, so dont expect to win every argument you’re in.

I’m surprised a moderator hasnt already made a post like this, as this community seems to be completely out of control. So overall, if you are on here to critique halo 4, do so respectfully and those who wish to defend the game should also be respectful. Likewise, if you are just on here to purposefully defend halo 4 to no end and dont listen to others, you are wasting your time and should just go and play the game if you really like it so much.

Please discuss, but do not flame

Usually only really argue against the former (which are stupidly common), but I’m going to debate the latter if I feel differently/the points the people make are less-than-good/the person is being immature, all of which are also all too common.

Problem is, though, there are people on one side who consider constructive criticism hate, and some on the other that consider hate constructive criticism.