Stop Separating Lobbies in BTB

If people are in a 2/3/4 player lobby with my friends we should not be getting separated into different squads.
I enjoy using game chat instead of party chat due to playing cross play with PC friends and because BTB is a team based game where communication helps. When we get separated we have to make a Xbox party lobby to stay in chat because game chat does not work between squads.
Furthermore, game chat should be active for your whole team and not just the 4 player squad you are in.

That’s it. Like if you agree. Comment your thoughts. Has this been bothering anybody else?


It wasn’t an issue in the flights and it’s a known bug.

You should be able to hear all 12 players via VoiP in BTB though.

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Is game chat really only active for your random squad of 4 in BTB? I thought wasn’t hearing enough people talking. That’s really lame what’s up with that? It’s bad enough this random squad counts as your « fireteam » too. You don’t even get matched up with your party in BTB and random players end up with the alternate outline colors

Every time I’ve been separated from players in my lobby I could not hear them anymore. By chance would you know where I could officially file a report for the chat if it is not working as intended?