Stop saying the gameplay is great it’s just good there’s a difference…

Its not It’s unfinished and 343 claiming it’s a “Beta” tells you that. The fact that we’re not getting much of an update on the 8th is completely uncalled for and 343 should be held accountable.

The weapon damage on ravager, disruptor, hydra, plasma pistol, pulse carbine and even the sniper needs to be increased. No damage on the sniper but there a ton of unregistered no scopes with stupid bloom attached to it….The game shouldn’t of even been released with no player collision. There are hit detection issues across the board with people getting shot behind walls and you’re saying the gameplay is fine??? The melee hit detection is awful. The limited radar is just pathetic and is not “Halo” and yes the radar is a core staple of Halo and that’s what makes it canonically unique from other shooters in its current state the radar functions more like COD and this is a fact…

343 needs to address these issues and of course others like the battle pass but the gameplay which is a very important aspect is being over looked and heavily scrutinized by micro transactions….


I do think the gameplay is great. I agree there are some balancing issues that need to be worked out. I do think the game needs to be fleshed out, and sometimes I don’t want to play ball for the tenth time in a row. But overall, it’s fun! I know, fun is subjective, but I find it fun. That’s why I’m hopeful for Infinite. They can flesh out a fun game and make it better much easier than they can make a boring game enjoyable.


The gameplay is great. Yes there’s a few things that need tweaking but the bones of the game are fantastic. Everything that would have a positive to change can be fixed post launch. Since when was any game launched without needing weapon tweaks? When people say the gameplay is great, they mean overall and not the nitty gritty. Not only that, everyone is entitled to their own subjective opinion. There’s a few things I don’t like or I’m not keen on but I still think the game overall is great.

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I mean I agree best gameplay since H3 but the fact that we’re not getting a more polished product on the 8th is just baffling to me…


The gameplay overall is great it needs polished though there are plenty of issues that need fixed ,but overall the gameplay is great, though progression and some other things need some major fixes.

At least they have the basics for gameplay down…

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I don’t disagree, which is why I’m willing to point out the things I don’t like about the game. But the gameplay isn’t one of the things I dislike.

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The gameplay is great, though. You know, at least in my opinion. Yeah I have my problems with the store, progression, and customization, but the core gameplay I do genuinely have a ton of fun with. If it wasn’t actually fun to play I would’ve just dropped it by now.


I disagree 100%. This gameplay feels polished ears to hocks.

When I see complaints about weapons I’m legitimately confused as to if we’re playing the same game because every weapon is balanced for its niche and fun to use; I will literally pickup anything and go mad hare with it.

Player collision: meh. I wouldn’t have noticed it was missing if no one pointed it out. Have I clipped thru the enemy attempting to melee once or twice? Sure. But the galaxy didn’t end in holy fire. Not game breaking.

Radar does seem a little short, but it too is far from game breaking.

Honestly, most of the complaints I see here (outside of the customization) are way overblown. Y’all think because every minor detail is not tuned to your liking that the devs should burn for it.

So yes, the gameplay is phenomenally great.


So the ravager and pulse carbine doing little to no damage at all is a balanced niche what?? Yes the radar isn’t game breaking but it’s definitely not halo either…

So the ravager and pulse carbine doing little to no damage at all is a balanced niche what?? Yes the radar isn’t game breaking but it’s definitely not halo either…

You’re using them wrong. I get shredded by the pulse carbine all the time (cuz I’m garbage). And I’ve gone on my share of sprees using the Ravager to guard a bottleneck.

Those are not run-and-gun-out-in-the-open kinda weapons. They have a dedicated circumstance in which they grind Spartans.

I think hit registry may be a little funky…

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I found that the pulse carbine, due to it’s homing is better used as like a medium-long ranged Needler without the explosion effect. Havn’t really found a use for the ravegner, yet other than using it’s secondary as a sort of area denial.

The sniper is literally a two shot kill, how can it’s damage be increased

As far as I recall that’s always how the sniper has been, unless he’s talking about the shock rifle.

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Do some weapons need balancing? yes
Is melee hit detection bad due to no player collison? also yes
Personally? I think the radar is fine, but truth be told, I’d prefer no radar…

Is the gameplay great? also, also yes

all of these thiings can be true

The radar has been part of halo since it’s begining I personally would prefer it’s range be boosted just a bit also there’s no radar in Ranked.

The gameplay is great


I don’t think the gameplay is great at all. I like the maps, the movement and the guns are for the most part fun. There’s a lot to not like though.

Player outlines are rediculous and make everyone stick out like a sore thumb. I prefer old school red and blue.

Melee registration is just awful. Back smacks when facing players, ghost melees, the lunges feels inconsistent too.

Nades are way too oppressive.

Shot registration is very inconsistent.

Spawns need major work. I don’t know if it’s intentional but I’ve been capping a hold and literally watched a enemy spawn 2 feet outside the zone we were capping while they controlled the hold on the opposite side of the map. Flag enemy respawn can be very punishing to carriers as well.

Why isn’t there a br start in btb? This is just weird. I like the sidekick but it’s a good secondary……to the br,not a starting primary btb weapon.

The stockpile gamemode is awful. Full stop.

Lack of content makes the gameplay repetitive and stale very quickly. This upcoming release after 6 years and the massive budget 343 had is just unacceptable.

Gameplay has been very frustrating for me. It’s all personal perspective though. Imo there is a lot to not like about this game. That’s ok though. There’s plenty other games for me to play. I’m really looking forward to running through the campaign. Probably going to skip the multiplayer very soon though. I just Haven’t enjoyed it so far.


The gameplay is still great despite those issues. I agree that melee needs to be fixed, player collision needs to be brought back, and the ravager and pulse carbine needs a buff.