STOP putting me on Overseas Servers!

My biggest issue with the game so far is this whole thing of lets put people from one region onto another for a good laugh.

Putting Aussies on American servers is driving me NUTS! How the hell am I meant to compete with other people if I have a 150ping delay on everything in ranked.
And I know its not my internet when suddenly going from 5 16 ping servers to suddenly hearing American accents and local things happening on the east coast of the united states. When things like melees from behind just arent registering. Grinding CSR is so dam hard.

Bar Needing a grenade nerf and desync issues. Ranked is so dam fun. Like something that can become my main source of fun after work. Just get me off overseas servers and allow me to wait a little longer. Or let me choose.


Your lucky you get to play. I’m having terrible connections to servers being dropped every single time I try to load into a game. If I’m lucky enough to get one match in I get dropped as soon as the game finishes. I’ve tried everything from restarting to different settings on xbox and my WiFi.
If you Google halo infinite servers you can see in one website called downdetecor and the servers are really bad…like really bad. Its so bad that I think that the only servers working are the USA servers. I’m from the EU and I’ve managed to play 8 games this week and would spend hours trying to load into a game.
343 can you please fix the servers.

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Try this. This is Mint Blitz’ guide to set your region.

Mint is also an aussie like you btw.


I’ll check this out when I get home. I’m playing on console so if it’s only a pc workaround then I might be in some strife. But maybe if I squad up with some PC players it can work

Jumping on to say I’ve got this issue too. I’m in NSW, Australia and 130+ ping in a ranked match is total bollocks.

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Yup same here, especially being Xbox player for some reason if I get matched with PC the ping also increases too… Amazing how it can easily be fixed by adding toggle feature to disable crossplay & add server choices, they’re killing the game faster than us getting pissed :roll_eyes:

Freaking amazing with the greed killing everything nowdays… Well if they want even more $ all they gotta do is add those features in & listen to us & they’ll make a ton more $ it’s not that hard😭

This is an issue for me in the MCC too. 9 out of 10 times I am placed on US servers. I did not check Infinite’s, but I wouldn’t be surprised if its the same.

You can Easily tell by if your ping being over 180 then its clear oh shoot I’m in the USA now. Just doesn’t make sense when there are so many aussies playing. Had to stop playing MCC literally due to this issue. Its funny how one single update could make this game perfect till when they are ready to add new content.
A single patch that includes
-Grenade nerf
-Balancing for the guns (Commando Buff, All convent weapons)
-Server desync
-Region locks or server selects

Those simple changes just gets the game in a much healthier state and then I can wait till what feb? for season 2 to start and hopefully a crap ton of maps, guns, armours and modes come in.

Season 2 kicks off in May 2022. Given Infinite’s sketchy launch, I’m betting on most of the non-hardcore Australian players leaving the game behind by then. US and maybe Asian servers is what you’re going to find.

You can use this to test your latency to the Microsoft Azure servers that MCC and Halo Infinite use. I have 15-20ms ping but I get 80-150ms ping from Azure servers, when the closest two servers to my state are halfway across the US. I guess you could technically block Azure servers outside of your region with your router admin panel, but I recall someone saying some HCS team got banned from a tournament because of it. Idk if that’s true or why that would be an issue. All you’re doing is making it harder to find matches, and making it impossible to play with Xbox friends with different region servers. Should be fine if you play solo. Idk, it’s just a bandaid solution until Microsoft makes more or better Azure servers.

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Wait may? oh wow thats gonna be really really rough. Like I have 1800 hours in halo 5 and I don’t think I can last till then without forge and new content. AND if these issues were to persist. Might need to tap out to not burn myself out on these issues.

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Apparently every month will have an event similar to Winter Contingency, and a Fracture event. January is Cyber Showdown, and February is Tactical Ops, with 10 days of login Rewards, while the last week of the month is Tenrai. I also saw some posts about someone digging up Infection medals from the game files, so Infection and Attrition modes might be coming to matchmaking soon. 343 is going to IV drip us new content as slow as possible because Season 2 is in 6 months, but Co-op and Forge might be 8 months. Anything they can do to get people to keep logging in and keep servers alive and populated.

Yeah, I feel the same. The burn out on issues that shouldn’t even be issues will a be thing for a lot of people I believe.

Its very annoying. This game was supposed to save me from Destiny 2’s crappy P2P mess they try and pass off as PvP. There’s just way too many own goals on 343’s part.

Today, I’ve had 2 out of 10 games @ 23ms, 1 @ 110ms 3 @ 150ms and the rest over 200ms. Where is the incentive to want and play more.

just played my first game today. 110 ping to 120 ping. And a teammate was afk for the entire first round. So it was a defto loss which lost my 25CSR which is hours worth of work. Ranked is just unplayable to just grind if I can only go up 1 by 1 if I do really well. And get 80 seconds ball time but one team mate is just not wanting to play. I get massively punished while not being able to kill people properly considering the delay is a full bursts worth.