stop punishing us for being in the same room

so me and my wife decided to play system link firefight, and of course it worked great, and we had fun. that was until we discovered that had we played with some 12 year olds on live we would have gotten over 1,000% more credits. thats right we played a firefight classic (how something that was invented only one game ago is classic i don’t know) and made only 60 credits for over an hour of play time, on legendary. later on i played matchmaking firefight (wife was in bed) i got over 2,000 credits for less then a half hour on hardcore.

the only explanation i can come up with for such a huge difference is that the developers over at Bungie are so jealous of the fact that i actually have someone willing to be in the same room as me when we play that they felt the need to punish me.

my wife does not have gold, she has no interest in gold, and is never going to get gold so don’t give me some BS about just get gold. no the guys over at Bungie need to wake up to the fact that system link and split screen players deserve the same respect that the matchmaking players do.

I agree completely and it is BS because to be able to get allot of points you NEED to play on gold. However if you completely take your xbox off of live then the point system differs to allow people without any connection to be ably to reach the highest ranks without needing to play with others.

I agree as well. I played offline for a long time when i got the game and was just a few cr from being a warrant officer grade 2, i took my xbox to a friends, hooked up to live, and it said i needed to forfeit all the credits i had already earned to play as my customised spartan online or i could keep all my credits and play as a default spartan. I chose to forfeit them all. I lost my rank and most of my purchased armor pieces. I dont have access to live at home so when i got home i figured id play some firefight to earn my cr and rank back. I soon realized that no matter what i did, i couldnt earn more than 50 cr for any game mode i played offline while my little 9 year old brothers are getting about 800 a match. Im pretty pissed. I wont be able to do anything with my spartan unless im on live, which i dont have access to. Is there any way to turn your online account into an offline account again so you can start racking up credits?

Keep in mind that you’re getting credits for each covie you killed, you may have only gotten 60 CR at the end but an hour of firefight does add up.

My mistake, campaign gives credits not local firefight. I just found this out.

the thing is i have gold, my wife doesn’t, i dont want to be punished for playing with her, the devs are pretty much telling me not to play with my wife. so i got news for them, i had rented 2 copies because ive had problems with games punishing system link players before (yes im pointing at rainbow six vegas), so now im just not going to buy the 2 copies, maybe in a few months i get some used copies when the devs who told me not to play with my wife arent going to get any money from it.

What about getting metals in co-op? My son and I played campaign on normal together (while logged in to Live) and if I check my stats on there are no metals for our game play.

you could have her sign in as a guest and play matchmaking FF with some randoms…
And @wrcfan: you have to enable scoring to get campaign medals.