This is a joke. When I’m on my server I get 20ms yet 9/10 games I’m bot placed on my server…

Wtf are you doing? I’m in the uk…

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I’m in the US and have this problem. It’s frustrating. Like this is where I experience the most shot behind walls, 2 shot beat down and I take a full 4 steps forward only to die this weird delayed death when on my screen the dude didn’t even shoot me when I did the combo. This is in the solo duo playlist. It would be hard for me to believe the population is that low already…cause the game just came out but…jesus…is it that low?


The only thing we can do is deal with it and keep playing, or take a break and wait for Infinite to get fixed.

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Yeah I find it hard to believe the game is that dead to find 8 people close to you. It’s not as if its 50ms or something it goes straight from my normal 20ms to 100+ and its awful.

Maybe the game really is dead…

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Have you have matches where the numbers go into the 1000s and they’re red with exclamations saying unstable etc? I’ve had quite a few of those. It’s hard for me to understand why. I’m in CA USA. Like…idk maaaaybe I’m playing people from mexico…I know I dealt with that when I used to live close to the border towards san Diego during halo 5…but…idk im like right by LA now. Just wouldn’t think i deal with it this much. I would think there’s quite a player base in my state alone tbh.

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So cute

I am matchmaked on 240ms and even 420ms in Halo Infinite (with a Unstable Latencu warning)

On Gears 5 I can find 57ms servers


I think the servers had been given a minor attack.
Yesterday the game was excessively laggy in every match, even against bots.
And then they shut down dedicated servers for a few hours, probably unscheduled maintenance to fix whatever issues they were having.

Bots are still laggy, but now players are not so de-synced.

You can geo filter to ensure you’re only playing on the servers you want, there’s guides on Google.

Same issue here (Germany).

I have the feeling it somehow started the second week of January. Before that I was never playing on an us server. Since then it finds matches way faster but places me mostly on us servers… Not playable at all.

Also realised that oftentimes nearly the whole lobby is EU based.

I believe you. I could find 25ms to 35ms games on Titanfall with a mere 800 players online worldwide. I’m in Scotland.