Stop neglecting the mouse and keyboard users please

Not only aim assist is completely unfair, not only movement makes it really hard to track but we have forced mouse acceleration on, even if you disable it in the settings mouse acceleration is still present.
343 please, all mouse users already know you have no plans on toning down aim assist for controllers, but can you please do something about mouse acceleration, can an engineer or programmer at 343 please look into it?

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Not sure whether the windows settings for mouse acceleration are carried over into the game but that would be one thing to check. I’d do the check myself if I still had the game installed but I don’t; There are several articles online regarding how to adjust said windows settings.

Mouse Accel is off for me, maybe it’s your gaming mouse or windows with accel?

And yes, mouse takes alot of practice to get right, but we have to deal with it. It’s not like AA autowins games, but there’s way more at work here putting mouse at a major disadvantage than just AA.

There’s stuff like desync, poor PC Optimization and even Bullet Mag in certain cases.

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It might be conflict across settings.

I have mouse accel turned off everywhere with no issue, even one box checked off is enough to enable it in some circumstances.

They gave km users mcc to destroy, they are hesitant to do the same for infinite, too many cheaters and exploiters in both mcc and infinite for them to care about you.

Tall claim to make lol

I know of people claiming there’s rampant cheating/exploiting in Infinite, but I have yet to see any veritable claims of such in MCC.

About the only “exploits” I’ve seen are “exploits” that have been in the games since they released.

  • jetpack to reach unintended geometry in Reach
  • Halo 3 spawn farming
  • Last Resort/Zanzibar wall/tower