Stop Modding, Stop Team Killing

I am here to speak out against cheaters and team killer, because they ruin all of our fun. Modding is dishonest, because it shows you can’t play an honest game of Halo, and it just make everyone else angry! And Microsoft does not like modders, because if you get caught, you are labled a cheater, all of your achievments are removed, (and that would just suck if you have 10,000g) and you are permantly banned from LIVE! Stop modding, it’s dishonest, it shows you are a jerk by ruining every one else’s time, and you are running the risk of losing live and every thing you earned! Stop making everyone else frustrated!

Team killers.) The only the only thing worse than a modder is a team killer! Team killing is sometimes on accident, like shooting a tagless mongoose with scorpian (thank god that guy survived) trying to fish out people in a territory with a plasma when some genies runs in your grenade path, or popping around the corner with a veichal and not seeing there’s an alie (excuse spelling) behind it. The sad part is that you can boot them for those accidents! And thats just unfair! The ones who Tkill (Team Kill) on purpose ARE SELFISH JERK OFFS! AND most of the time you can’t boot the ones that was clearly dleiberat! Tkillers Tkill on purpose either for no reason at all, or they are so selfish that they will stick you because you got a veichal first. This one time, My and a team mate were wateing for a banshee to spawn on ivasion be cause the enemy just took the second territory. The banshee spawns, I get it first. The he get angry and sticks the back of m banshee which killed me but not the banshee! TEHN HE STEALS THE BANSHEE! I wish it would let me boot him because that was ridiculesly slefish of him. I wish I remembered to record that so I can show that guy being a jerk! Stop Tkilling, it’s worse than modding! It’s selfish, espcaily when you do it just ot get ghost or a mongoose. I don’t know about you but puts me in a worse mood than modders.

I didn’t read that but ya cheaters suck… Get over it though they never reset… O wait ur not talking about FF cheaters

What? Oh and a detail I left out, they should have someone whatch the betrails to see if they are fair or not. That way we wouldn’t get booted for accidents, and we could kick the jerks that did it on purpose.

Umm A betraying is a betraying. Play Griff if wanna kill friendlies and say it was an “Accident” I Always tell people " umm hello yellow dots r friendly!"Seems to help

> Umm A betraying is a betraying. Play Griff if wanna kill friendlies and say it was an “Accident” I Always tell people " umm hello yellow dots r friendly!"Seems to help

I don’t want to betray, especialy on invasion or BTB etc. were you want to avoid that. And team killing can mean a negitive for your team because you lossed a guy for little bit, and if it’s slayer, it takes away point from your team.

I want this to stay and I hope for more views and replies. I’m proud of the large amount of views, but I would like to see some more replies.

I’ve just start a thread re betrayals and booting.

I agree. The deliberate betrayal of team mates in order to snatch their weapon or vehicle is wrong, selfish and mean spirited. The new rules now allow this to happen without due punishment.