Stop making odd numbered exclusives in promo packs

Let me start off by saying I don’t mind buying promo packs, whether it be to fund content, fund the HCS, support teams, etc.

My main gripe is that with all of these promo packs they’ve released, they number of exclusives have been oddly numbered. And by that I mean with the new team packs, after buying all 3 team packs, you had to buy 1 more because you were missing a skin still. Same thing happened with the Spartan Armory pack.

I don’t mind paying for packs, but please don’t put me in these situations where I’m paying for a pack that is 80% refunded RP.


See, it’s things like that that frustrate me about microtransactions.

p.s. The bundle packs have not been being updated for the new REQs two updates in a row. Both Hog Wild and WZFF both gave me 100% refunded RP when opening arena bundle packs I had saved. And yes, I waited until the REQS were added to the pool and even tested it by buying a silver pack before opening an arena bundle pack.