stop locking all husky posts? retard 343industries

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The big lockdown subject husky, the one without a real answer from any staff

can we get it back -Yoink!-=???

Why the F---- would u remove the most popular game mode in my opinion after swat, and also the best one… just to inplement another superfiesta party where husky is included in ur randomness shiittttty game matching…
please put it back in the playlist u retard 343índustries. u -Yoink!- C…ts

also in swat ive played about 13 games in a row WITH THE SAME -Yoinking!- WEAPON!! seriously and also STOP MATCHING WITH and put me in teams with unranked -Yoinks!- who leaves the game at start leaving me (around plat6 diamond 1) against 4 ranked onyx players, where my deserter team were unranked or silver rank… ALWAYS like this -Yoinking!- idiots

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Neanderthals at 343 like sweaty pistol matches with no objective game types. Haven’t you notuced? They literally despise the people that pay their bills.

Proper English and constructive criticism will get you much farther in life than berating people.

> Hey all – as we’ve touched on before in Community Updates, we’ll be looking to reduce the amount of playlists in Halo 5 throughout the year. It is a step we have to take in order to ensure we maintain good connections, search times, and match fairness across the entire game. The first part of this will take place next Thursday, January 16 at 10am PT during our typical playlist update.Here’s a little more information on the first two changes we’ll make to our Social offerings next week:
> - We will be moving from two social rotational slots to one rotational slot. In order to make sure you find your favorite modes sooner, these playlists will rotate in and out on a weekly basis. - Super Fiesta Party will go live as a new 4v4 playlist that combines Super Fiesta & Husky Raid into one big party.