Stop killing halo 343. that is all, continued

Sorry. let me elporate. here follows a list of everything that 343 has done wrong. (they are seriously a want to be EA trolling everyone.)
-Flood continues to be a waste of time, they still have not listened to the public and made the nessecary changes,there incapability to listen to the public makes me sick.
-Campaign, the story is Amazing how they actually did something right astonishes me, but oh wait its 8 missions long… just wow.
-Griffball, where the **** is it? dont tease it at gamescon and then dont release it… im sorry but we dont want frieking team regicide or snipers… we want griffball…
-Some maps seem too big for the gametype, like CTF on Complex. Some gametypes shouldn’t have a Mantis in it, like CTF. Some maps just seem a little too… Uhm, what’s the word. If I were to say perfect, than I would be lying. But has anyone else noticed that there aren’t any maps like Halo 3’s Guardian anymore? In fact, most of the maps from the past are gone. Erosion was essentially based off of a map from Halo: Reach’s DLC, modified to rid of some of the problems that Halo: Reach’s DLC map had (which I do not know the name of at this moment), that “too wide” feel where you’d just sprint in one direction for what seems like too long before getting killed by the enemy player. Adrift is a good map, but looks like 343i payed a little too much attention to looks. There aren’t a whole lot of maps that players can forge on, for the lack of a structures section in most of the maps. It seems like too much in-game object allowance can be used in the maps you can’t do a whole lot in. The ones that you CAN build a ton of stuff on, it brings back a ton of classic Halo: Reach awesomeness like building blocks, but the map-specific structures (such as the ones on Impact) are ridiculously overscaled, and it’s difficult to work with TOO MUCH space in a building. There aren’t any really big spacious maps aside from the unpopular Impact map to forge on.

  • The ranking system, im sorry but you say specilization will be this game changing thing, but its really not… all it is an extra perk which goes in place of your normal perk… wow… 8 other perks… game changing.
  • There is so many more but i think that is enough for now. so thank you 343 for realeasing a half finished game.
    And For the record i have played, completed and spent much time on all halos.