Stop forcing 50% Winrate

Stop literally rigging the game.


I wish it did, i am sick and tired of only being allowed to win 20-35% of my matches almost every day the last 6 weeks! There are only 3 or 4 days i had a winrate higher then 35%, it’s insane! Especially when i went with k/d’s of around 2 almost every day.


Because most players on online games r searching for kills not objectives… that make it easy for the system to know players mindset and force middle winrate…

Tbh things ain’t same before… i miss those oldie years when objectives was the priority


Your last 25 matches have a 56% win rate.

The last day you played was July 8, with an exact 50% win rate for the day.

Of the last four days you played, the only ones with below a 50% win rate were days where you logged in, lost exactly two games, then gave up for the day.

And your overall win rate is over 40%.

You’re also a gold player while I’m a Diamond player (not good by any means but this is for a direct comparison)

My last 25 matches has a 40% win rate

My last day was today when I logged in, lost two matches, then gave up for the rest of the day.

Other recent days include a 56% day, and a 35% day.

And my overall win rate is around 45%.

Despite the game considering me a higher skill level player than you, my win/loss rate is almost identical. Because that’s what the system does. Instead of trying to push you into even matches, it pushed you into either favorable or unfavorable matches to keep your w/l within an acceptable range of 50%.

Usually the best way to fight this is to either play as with a squad, or play Rumble Pit. But the system is designed in a way that higher-tier players end up with very long matchmaking ques if they do this.


Honestly, I’m tired of the 50% win rate.

I’m tired of getting Platinums on my team.

I’m very very very tired of the matchmaking for this game just, generally sucking.


I went 4 wins 1 loss 1 tie tonight with an overall K/D of 1.7 in those 6 games and lost 6 CSR overall for the day. Doesn’t seem to matter some days even when you win.


Honestly even with old Halo MM, there is some rigging involved as well. It’s not that 343 needs to stop rigging, they need to rig properly so that the gameplay experience feels fresh.

Max Hoberman of CA who designed the old Halo MM needs to just take over the entire multiplayer front and make it how it should be.


Unfortunately almost every modern fps does this, it’s not a 343 only problem.
Most other games have higher population than infinite however, so it feels more fair
Playing infinite is a very painful experience


Because of Bot Bootcamp.

I did say there were a couple of exceptions indeed, 2 of them where in the end. At the bottom of this post i will post my rates since the beginning of june and you will see it’s significantly below 50% over a significant amount of matches.

End why did i gave up? Because i already knew what was gonna happen. Two unwinnable matches in a row, just like most of the matches in the last 6 weeks. No point of playing, because those last weeks already pointed out you will get that the entire day, so i just quit playing.

First of all, 40% over almost 1500 matches is not realy close to 50%. If the game forces a 50% winrate, then it cannot be hondreds of games away from that 50%-line. For someone who played 20 matches that might be the case (since that is just a couple of games), but the more games you play, the closer that number should be to 50 if it actually ‘forces’ you to win 50%.
On top of that: that number was higher for me, so in stead of getting me closer to 50% like it should if it forces a 50% winrate, it takes me further away from it.

  1. What does that have to do with anything, if there is a 50% winrate it doesn’t matter what rank you are.
  2. That gold5 is misleading, since i only played the placement matches (you always get placed lower then your actual rank) and i was only allowed to play gold-players and got an overall k/d of 2.66 in that, so i’m clearly higher (even got a 9-1 in a 2v4!), but due to the same problem i lost 7 out of the 10 placement matches. So again the lack of 50% winrate got me a lower rank then i deserve (i am probably a high platinum). My actual rank would probably be high platinum. In social matches i reguraly play against (high) diamond and even onyx players.

No, the game is supposed to give you matches with a 50% winchance (balanced matches), not let you win 50%. The problem is that it isn’t doing either of those the last couple of weeks.

My days since june (excluding bot bootcamp obviously):
jul8: 50% (8 matches)
jul7: 0% (2 matches)
jul5: 57% (7 matches)
jun28: 0% (2 matches)
jun26: 62,5% (8 matches)
jun24: 33% (12 matches)
jun23: 67% (6 matches)
jun22: 38% (8 macthes)
jun21: 25% (8 matches)
jun16: 33% (15 matches)
jun15: 50% (6 matches)
jun14: 44% (9 matches)
jun10: 38% (16 matches)
jun09: 22% (9 matches)
jun08: 0% (7 matches)
jun07: 33% (9 matches)
jun04: 20% (5 matches)
jun03: 22% (9 matches)
jun02: 78% (9 matches)
jun01: 57% (7 matches)

Total: 162 matches, 63 wins, winrate of only 39%. Not realy close to 50% is it?

And then i ‘rigged’ the comparison with just starting at june 1st, wich included the ‘good’ days in july and the 2 good days in the beginning of june.
If i would just take a periode of a month, then from june 3rd to july 3rd (the periode i am complaining about not noticing any balancing and certainly not a forced winrate of 50%), then i would have played 129 matches and won only 44, a winrate of only 34%

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Why are you so upset about the win rate? There’s a ton of factors that must be balanced… time of day, player population, ping/location, relative skill, game modes, etc, etc. Do I think SBMM needs loosened a bit, sure, but if they got rid of it completely then there would be ppl that rarely lose and other ppl that lose a majority of the time. There has to be a balance so that the widest possible range of people can have a good time. Is it perfect, absolutely not, but is it necessary, yes.

I’ve played games without any SBMM and it feels really bad to be on the constant losing end to the point that I’ve walked away from playing the game. That’s simply not good for the long term health of the game.


It’s not just the win rate, it’s that most of those losses are one-sided matches even though my k/d in those matches on average are close to 2.0. It’s just sickening they even though you do great, you can’t even come close to winning. That is just not fun.

I play during peak hours and am on the EU, so more then enough players to get balanced matches.

No, it should be tightened a bit, because its the to loose SBMM that creates the imbalances. Skill gaps are ranging from onyx to silver even during peak hours on very busy playlists. That is what is creating the imbalance. I often have to be the counterweight for my team for an more skilled player on the other team. That is why i can have high k/d’s but not even come close to winning. That balancing has to be way stricter.

Agreed, but that is not what i’m calling for. I am calling for a bit more stricter SBMM, because it is ridiculous that high diamonds and onyx players are being put on matches with gold and silver players on busy servers like EU and US.

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I’m tired of Sbmm being so strict that it rather find me a game on 100+ ping rate than a server closer to me…man it’s terrible. There’s no way there’s not enough players where I’m at. It should be one of the most populated areas if anything.

To top it, my ping rate spikes up and down some matches too. When I’m on a nearby server, its smooth sailing with at least 22 ping rate.

I’m all for fair matches, close matches, opportunities to rank up if it seems feasible…but theres other stuff going on that mess all that up. Worst of it all, I can probably be seen as having it good vs others who have it far worse


It’s not the SBMM doing that, my friend (silver player) last week was also put into a high ping match, only to have to fight against high diamonds and onyx players… That is not skill based, is it? And that was even during peak hours on his server on the most populated playlist… Impossible that there weren’t enough players on his own server close to his rank. If it did prioritize SBMM it wouldn’t have put him against high diamonds and onyx players, but against silver and gold players and most likely even on his own server.

It’s just the game prioritizing very short search times over everything else. I rather have to wait 20 seconds to get a balanced match on EU-servers (i am from the EU) then 5 seconds just to get an imbalanced match on US-servers with a high ping. The game does the latter unfortunately.

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I know exactly how you feel, I am just not having any fun with the current SBMM system. I’ve been on a BTB kick as of late with my buddy because he is not competitive or a very good player so a 4v4 lobby just isn’t any fun for him in my bracket. I have a 2.65 K/D and a 46.3% win rate. Yesterday despite going as hard as I possibly could I went 10L & 3W.
I wish I could link a GDC talk on H5 matchmaking experience by 343i but if you are interested it’s on YouTube it’s called “Matchmaking for Engagement: Lessons from Halo 5”. Now I for one love a challenge and am all about the competitive side of Halo but something from H5 to Infinite has changed particularly with the social playlists and how the SBMM works in them. Making it feel like they no longer care for the competitive side or the social side. That they simply want the forced perspective that you win some and you lose some no matter how hard you play. Probably to appeal to that “broader” player base they wish they had.
Honestly, I think they need to disable SBMM in social playlists for A SHORT TIME while they fix the system. If nobody is having fun on either side of the spectrum casual-competitive then something is wrong. Now that’s not to say nobody is having fun and that you cant have fun games but something is clearly wrong. I shouldn’t be expected to carry a team of 8 every single game when playing SOCIAL!

I only play ranked. When ive played social the few times I did, it didnt let me see the ranks of players i played against. I’m pretty sure ranked sbmm is tighter than unranked, and ranked is 1 playlist. Im in California, USA. The rankings in my match weren’t crazy wildly apart in the high ping matches. They were fairly close, but server advantage is insane. So thats why I’m saying it gives me the impression that I was in those matches to fill a spot because I was closer to the players ranks, just not from their area.

What I don’t get…is how one match it says my teams mmr can be like 1350…and next match is will say 1500 or even more. (I forget how many numbers there are)

This is while playing with 3 friends, roster doesn’t change, but average MMR is drastically changing in its calcification per match. I also dont know what the second group of numbers means after the decimal. Like…I’d get it if the MMR went up gradually after a win right? But 100s of points or 1000s? Up and down win streak or losing? Its just weird. I dont get it.

The problem with 50% win rate is that a loss is more memorable than a win. Ideally, SBMM should match you so that every match is a complete toss up, or one side is a little bit more likely to win. If you keep winning, you “bump up” a bracket to a higher skill level. Unfortunately, SBMM matches you to pretty much have either A) a guaranteed win, or B) a guaranteed loss.


I agree mostly. I don’t think every match has to be 50-50, but at least the fast majority should (now almost none are).
But i also think there should be a minimum winpercentage, because people also want to win from time to time (especially when there are challenges that require you to win). So i think you should be able to win at least 40% of your matches. I don’t think there should be a maximum winrate, only a minimum one. If someone wins 80% of their matches, that is fine. People don’t get turned of games if they win disproporionally, but they do get turned off when they lose disproportionally. The game should take that in mind.

Oh, so your opinion on SBMM finally changed?

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No! If you are good at the game and spend countless hours improving and learning the game you shouldn’t win more games than someone who doesn’t care about halo and is just passing by and has no idea how to play the game. YOU should be punished for learning the game. Skill based matchmaking needs to be there to force you to lose because social and ranked games need to be equally sweaty. Makes sense … right?


People can’t seem to gasp this simple concept. Good players should win more often, end of story.