Stop Complaining and Play Halo MCC

I don’t understand the people who come to the forums to cry and complain everyday about features they want in Halo 5. The reason I am baffled because the games that is most often desired (no sprint, split screen, firefight, spartan ops) are already available and they are called Halo The Master Chief Collection and Halo Reach. The same people that complain about Halo being like Call of Duty, essentially want Halo to be just like Call of Duty, with the same gameplay mechanics over and over again. Halo 5 is exactly what I want in a sequel, something that moves the franchise forward, but stays true to Halo. For example I saw a complaint that Halo 5 is catering to everyone except for core Halo players, but the person listed arena as something 343 was focused on. Let’s try and focus on some of the things 343i is doing right instead of constantly focusing on the negative. I have listed some of the things I think 343i is doing to move the Halo franchise forward.

  • Halo Lore incorporated in the campaign-Actual lore from the books/comics are making their way to the Halo 5. Seeing and playing as Blue Team sound awesome. - Squad Based Campaign with open maps-I think the squad based gameplay looks fun and fresh (this could go bad as well, but they have Tim Longo on the job who is a master at squad based gameplay). Also 343 mentioned that the campaign demo at E3 was the most linear map in the who game, so I expect large open areas. - New Characters-Fireteam Osiris looks like I would imagine modern Spartan IV to look with their armor and tech. Their backstories were interesting and I look forward to seeing how their hunt for Chief plays out ( - New Game Modes- Breakout is seriously intense and was a highlight of the beta, Warzone looks to blend PvP and PVE seamlessly, which has only happened a few times before. Rave reviews all around coming out of E3 for Warzone. (Google Halo 5 Warzone if you don’t believe me) - Legendary Weapons- The ability to use the Phophet’s Bane, Linda’s Sniper, or Kelly’s Shotgun is exciting and intriguing as the weapons have upgraded features. In The Sprint the designer was talking about how it’s very important to make the legendary weapons better than the traditional weapons, I agree. - Gameplay mechanics-I know not everyone is happy, but the good thing is that there is not advantage or disadvantage to use them (except Clamber which is necessary). I personally just feel gratified landing a ground and pound or spartan charge. - 35 free Maps-343 is determined to keep the community together and offered 15 free maps to everyone, in addition to the 20 launch maps.Overall I think Halo 5 is shaping up to be an awesome game, perfect no, but definitely the best Halo I have seen thus far. It’s downright impossible to make a game or everyone, but 343 has been about as accommodating as they can be to make Halo 5 enjoyable for all. I can’t wait for Oct. 27, what about you?

Totally agree with you. I really don’t understand how we could complain about Halo 5.

Too bad MCC is still broken and is still lacking dedicated servers. If it were working 100% I guarantee a lot of people wouldn’t care about Halo 5.

I somewhat agree with you, though I also don’t understand when people complain about the complainers. But now I’m complaining about those that complain about complainers, so look what you made me do!

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> I don’t understand the people who come to the forums to cry and complain everyday about features they want in Halo 5.

Everybody has their opinion, and they are free to express it. You don’t have to like it, but you’re not helping anyone by complaining about it.