Stop complaining about things we already know about

The Halo community is patient but often throws tantrums. Whether it is deserved or not, I think most can agree complaining and whining about something often times will yield results, but this is doing the same thing over and over again. I’m talking about people complaining about the progression, people complaining about the player counts… etc. And while those issues are still not fixed, I think 343 got the message the first time we complained about those things, complaining furthermore about those issues will just turn away new players.
I know if I saw a community up in flames over the newest installment, I would not want to be anywhere near that game.
I have seen over a hundred videos of people complaining over stupid ish like “The MP death animations” or “Master chief’s grapple hook design”, stuff that is irrelevant and stupid.
Especially complaining about the player numbers… The game does not have much players but you can still find a match pretty quickly, as far as we are concerned it is just a number.

I am not complaining about your complaining because I want to, I am complaining because new players might be turned away from the community and the games, and I am fed up seeing the exact same thing being talked about over and over again. To reiterate: 343 Knows the problems exist, they probably know about problems that we have not discovered, the more you complain about things we already know about, the less new arguments you add.

I like halo :grinning:

Really, I see the got the message with the shop prices that somehow translated to “we want you to increase the prices”.

Should I add all the other things when it comes to the shop that they “got the message”?

I wasn’t really complaining about the shop, and really I was talking about the gameplay.