stop complaining about the remake

seriously what did you expect it is not a new game it is just a remake of an old campain with a few new maps for the current multiplayer engine. If you want a brand new game then wait till next year!

almost 2013 lol just like 1 day diference

Haters are gunna hate… not a lot can be done about it i’m afraid, OP. Just let them get on with it til they get bored, then they’ll move on to a different board & slag that game off instead!

343 was up front with this game imo… So the moaners have no one to blame but themselves on this occasion. Probably cheevo whores as well…

Halo CEA is a killer app!!

imo the game is amazing and it met my expectations. only problem with it really is the lag that occurs when you play with someone who doesn’t have as good an ISP as you.