Stop complaining about armor pricing

Just reported this thread because of how off-topic it is. I’m seriously not taking this title to be “constructive”

You meant that irony right?

I’m unsure but I think I flagged it.
That’s not to say I agree with the OP, just that there are more civil ways of conducting forum discussions than obscene illustrations.

You’re not helping your case, or anyone elses you agree with, by continuing with low level insults. It serves to divert the discussion to other things than that which matter.

I’d like to add my ideal solution to all of this:

Remove limitations such as:
-inability to use coats across all cores
-inability to use helmets across all armor cores (typically all the helmets that can fit onto other core)
-inability to use visor colors across all cores

People who buys the campaign gets:
-Forge (I am adding forge because it is a big part of Halo multiplayer and I personally wouldn’t mind if 343i locks it behind a paywall)
-Ability to create personalized armor coats
-Ability to grind/unlock all season content at no additional cost via progression or challenges.

A simple leveling system will literally help create incentive to grind for unlockable items that are not in the battlepass. The leveling system could be exactly like Halo Reach’s or you just unlock something each rank up.

Those who don’t pay:
-They don’t have forge
-They still level up but get limited in a certain way (they only get 10% of what buyers can earn for example, or every unlockable items are locked in a bundle or locked until the player buys the campaign)

Everyone have:
The ability to pay for armor pieces if they don’t want to grind for a unlockable item (they can purchase bundles instead)

If players want to add some spices in their coating like Carbon fiber, chrome, gold, satin finish, camouflage, you name it, they can buy coating materials in the shop. Those who paid the full game, have the ability to buy materials individually while those who play for free only get access to bundles.

EZ simple.

There’s a sucker born every minute. Anyone who actually spends $15 on a color palette deserves to lose it.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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Okay pay piggy. Halo should not have been desecrated into a F2P title in the first place. They just wanted the cheap fortnite kiddie squad that never buy a game, but blow wads on “”“microtransactions”"" and their stupid E-streamers.

So you’d rather silence the objective truth of the matter because you can’t handle words that could be insulting?

When over 50 other people liked the comment?

YOU are the one not helping. YOU need to realise that.

Im fine with mm being f2p. Im fine with certian things being charged. I am ABSOLUTELY fine it being “Pay x and you get y” prices are a bit much though

I’m under the impression people defending the store and business practices of 343 are MBA holders but I really think they’re kids that keep shilling for 343.

You do realize that they just split Halo in two right ?? you are playing a game mode call multiplayer. Not a free game.

this is going to get ugly. good luck complaining of it when it becomes a problem. it already is, lol.

good way to loose community cause they aint a sheep, lol.

This right here shows what a load of crap you are feeding the trolls that are following you.

Halo is not a true F2p game for what the shops were actually created for, and never will be. So who the hell are you trying to fool here, the kids/teens that don’t know any better that the company uses a psychological analyst to find the best way to manipulate a leveling/rank system so the kids will get their daddy’s credit card?

I hope you aren’t an adult trying to pass this nonsense off. If you were an adult, you would look past the petty things being said about the shop, and look at what’s actually being said, but it’s clear you don’t know how to read. When any shop dictates the direction of a game, it’s not a game anymore. It’s just the company looking for any way they can to get the kids/teens to buy from the shop, nothing else.

Oh, and trying to use your weak at best argument “it’s just cosmetics”. Well, since it isn’t a big deal as you said, then they should put the system back to how it was right… Problem solved.

Hogwash, the lifeblood of Halo was a company making a quality type of game that Bungie made 5 billion for the franchise without a shop. 343 can’t even get Halo right, and they have had since Halo 4 bud.


You might be okay with it, but I grew up playing games where I earned things from… GASP… playing the game. Not whipping out a credit card.

And I’m not going to stop complaining about their outrageous prices for "micro"transactions when they’re asking $20 for a set of armor, while I can go buy entire games right now for only a few bucks more. Recent releases like Guardians of the Galaxy and Rider’s Republic were recently on sale, brand new, for $25. But you think it’s a-ok that 343i charges one third the price of a brand new release for an armor set? Get outta here.

“Everything is expensive now”

ROFL. Remind me again who owns 343 Industries?
When you answer that, go look up their market valuation.
Then you can realize how ridiculous your argument is.


I think the problem is not the pricing but the armor that we are getting, being resold armor that we were able to earn properly in past games is kinda stupid. I understand that going F2P changes pretty much everything, but i think most microtransactions in the game so far are dumb. Theyll pack decent coatings with emblems that we would probably not use and sell them for $7. I wouldnt mind buying a coating itself for like $2 or even $3 if they were unique patterns, but alot of the stuff seems over priced.

You pretty much summed it up perfectly. Even if some people are ok with the pricing, not everyone has money to spend on cosmetics or in game items. At least if you earn things in game by playing the game anyone can get it but you actually have to work for it, and that’s WAY more rewarding rather than just saying 'Hey peasant, I’m richer than you!"

So you agree that the prices are horrendous and we can get a lot better if we all demand it?


No. Armor packs should cost 5 bucks.

We’re gunna keep complaining

Stop defending price gouging

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That is completely wrong though. They have big daddy Microsoft money backing them up, they absolutely do NOT need these microtransactions. It’s just greed, end of story

“Stop complaining about armor pricing”

No. Armors, or at the very least classic armors, should be free, unlockable by all. They can sell us other things like camo patterns (but we get to choose our own colors) and emblems, backgrounds, stances, effects, charms, and campaign expansions. The armor, and the actual act of coloring it, should all be unlockable.

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Problem with that is every fool justifies the system to creator, making our complaints null and void because they are completing their planned objective.

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