Stop complaining about armor pricing

Many would reluctantly agree that microtransactions are a valid stream of income for a developer. However, many of the MTs in Halo Infinite feel like low-blows which only add to the sleaziness of their presence in the first place.

Must we really be limited to what color palettes we can apply PER ARMOR CORE? 1st you take away our legitimate agency over total color customization for no real technical reason, then you make it to where even when we finally unlock a palette we like. So after many hours laboring over challenges, we find that we can’t even apply it to our preferred armor core. I’m sure they’d profit just fine if this scummy limitation were removed.


“Star wars battlefront 2 isn’t that predatory, they can’t even possibly change the game at this point”

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I’m not saying there aren’t issues to be ironed out. But the raw melodrama coming from the community is exhausting. A lot of people are acting incredibly entitled. And with the pervasive negative circle jerk about cosmetics and progression, it seems like nobody is actually playing the game for its own sake. The game itself has been great so far. It’s got a few bugs, yes. The biggest being melee collision and server connections. But all anybody seems to be talking about are the cosmetics. Which, may I remind you, are completely optional and have no effect whatsoever on the gameplay.

People are entitled to voice their opinions. They aren’t entitled to force 343 to change the game, but as far as I’m aware no one is holding the studio at gunpoint. They are voicing their concerns and complains. That is something they’re entitled to do. Consumers have no real say in how a product is made, but they do have a right to voice their concerns. That’s not undeserved entitlement.

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You highlight probably the biggest flaw with targeting a revolving audience. 343 wants this game to last 10 years, but to do that they need to build a core audience, not an audience that will leave. If they don’t get people to stick around the game won’t last a year, let alone 10.

I will complain about anti consumer pricing till the day I die.

The prices for stuff are way overpriced, and the fact you’re expected to have to buy the exact same colour you already own just to use it on another set is ridiculous. It’s something done for the sole reason of making the player get less out of what they’re already being grossly overcharged for.

The difference between something like Milk and the colour red in Halo, is that Milk is a real world object that has to have time, effort and resources put into it to be made. Making your armour a slightly different shade of red does not take time, effort or resources. It was free in all other Halo games, and the only reason it isn’t is that they just want to charge you for the privilege this time.

And besides, just because you like something bad doesn’t mean people don’t have the right to voice that they don’t like the bad thing. Microtransactions, especially the one that Infinite has, which are designed to obfuscate the actual money you’re spending with FunBucks™, are notorious for preying on mentally ill and/or vulnerable people. That’s what “whales” are, people who are not in the right state of mind being exploited by a so-called “free” game, and it’s the reason why free to play games became so popular.


I demand freedom for all the enslaved and sold skins on the market! They deserve better :rage:

Don’t try justify 343i/MS selling us Spartans because they made the game free. It makes my blood boil that they took away something that was core aspect of Halo and then turn around, butcher it, put a price tag on it and dare to call it Reach level of customization while limiting what you can customize. Nobody asked for this game to be free and frankly, the only monetization this game needed was be $60 and part of the campaign.


No way… just because “the rest of the games do it” doesn’t mean they all should… fight back, we will strike when provoked, HALO STRIKE 2021/22… players unionized against greed, PUAG

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Maybe so, but this is a Whale pricing scheme, and what I was getting at was that if the armor was 5 bucks you’re still gonna have tens of thousands of people buy it, but 5 bucks is less than 20. As Jim Sterling used to say, they don’t want money, they want ALL of the money.

I would rather have had a one year delay and pay 60 bucks for the full game than for Microsoft to nickle and dime us in a multiplayer early access title that isn’t even done, given the bugs, low playlists, and numerous missing features.


I find it funny I called people fools for letting 343 for charging us alot for credits and I have not have my comment blocked and I am at 80 hearts in the forums…

And honestly for some that has spend 200 dollars on cosmetics this -Yoink!-. A normal kid or adult should spend that money and be satisfied

A 99.99 purchase should be hitting lottery in a cosmetic purchase

People complain because of the predatory way.
This isn’t a issue that grew over time where you turn on the game in its third year and see like a dozen of sets that would cost you one grand to get all.
This is a game where the multiplayer has the additional line “BETA” slapped on it and it is constantly slamming me with “EY EY Look at this! Want it? BUY IT EHEHEHEH”.
No one is complaining that you have to pay for cosmetics or anything. Hell I would even be a person to defend MTX in games like Overwatch where I think it was perfectly made. You could spend money to gamble and maybe get the skin you like or just outright play the game and earn it after a while. Somehow that game is profitable and yet is not out there trying to pounce on my bank account.

Think about the work and expenses we live in now days… everything is getting more expensive.

I definitely agree; I wish people would go back to talking about the game. I do feel the business practices that made the current system are scummy, but that doesn’t make 343 any different from any other studio, it frankly just makes them lesser than Bungie, but to be fair, the games 343 has made so far are Halo 4, Halo Wars 2, and Halo 5. Not exactly a revelation to say Bungie did things better.

I do think they should fix the system and make a fair amount of customization stuff, but I wish people woudl talk about the game itself instead. There’s lots of real problems to address.

At this point bungie is better the 343 when it comes to season pass because the season pass gives you material to progress in the game to level your gear… 343’s seasons pass gives you no credit but battle pass boost for challenges and challenges are limited

I am good at the core Halo game in Infinite… but the cosmetics prices kill me. I’m working class adult. If 343 wants to make money on this make the credits cheaper… I want 15k plus on a $99.99 charge… that’s what is going to happen and I am sure of it because 343 and Microsoft is not going to lose on money.

it’s not a free game, the multiplayer is f2p, also please shed more crocodile tears about microsoft (a corporation that actually got wealthier during this economic crisis) not having enough money to pay the poor developers so they need to charge 15 dollars for a belt with some samurai swords