Stop complaining about armor pricing

Awww, you 343 employees have a little cult? How cute! :slight_smile:

instead of wasting my money on a warthog bumper and blue paint for $15 I bought Dead Stranding instead for €17 same goes for a knife $15 and armor set $20 I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition for $35. I really don’t see the value in these Shop Items, as they are priced now. I have money that I’ll eagerly spend on games but I’m not some dumb whale that just throws his money away. All I’m saying is with these prices your missing out big time, because now allot of players wont spend a dime in this shop. these people would including me give you money if you could for example buy the Desert Wind for $1 Sentinel’s Blade for $2 and the chonmage armor set for $5.

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Well, of course they are intentionally and on-purpose missing the point. Otherwise, they would be required to actually understand what people are talking about. It’s much easier to just say people want everything for free and we are entitled, just like swiping a credit card on a F2P game.


Literally get a grip

“Your boot sire, medium rare.”


(This is me getting my other mandatory characters)

Sycophants like you destroy once beautiful things. You let it degrade and fall in to squalor for cheap temporary satisfaction.


Or the fact you can reconnect to dropped Ranked matches

Or that the MMR/Rank tier matchmaking is wonky (1 Diamond, 2 Plats, 1 Gold vs 2 Onyx, 1 Diamond, 1 Plat).

Or that spawning systems seem a bit off

Or that fullscreen isn’t an option

Or that some settings are weirdly default

Or that the UI and menu navigation is hot trash

Or any number of things tied directly to the reason any of us 200,000+ players actually picked the game up: to play the game.

Dressing up your 26th century super soldier is fun, but not life changingly game breaking.

And it’s also people like you whom accept these kind of actions from companies that allow companies to keep doing it.

Cosmetics have always been a big thing in Halo…This is not Fortnite…It’s Halo…So the community will stand up against this outrageous behavior.


I wasnt even aware of the whole 343 defense force thing until yesterday. Its hilarious imo.

Can somebody shut this post down for god sake?

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I don’t think anyone realistically expects to get everything for free and I don’t think anyone really minds Microsoft covering their costs and making a reasonable profit.

It used to be that video games generated profit by being good games. Halo Infinite isn’t (IMO) a bad game however, the multiplayer progression is built entirely around monetization, that doesn’t mean you have to spend money, it is still a choice, but it means that practically everything tied to progression is about extracting every penny possible from the customer.

Whether you think that’s a price worth playing for a title you can play for free or you think it’s greedy is up to each individual customer, everyone sees value differently so there isn’t one right or wrong answer, ultimately it is the customer’s money and they can choose what to do with it.

With that being said when you have microtransactions which cost a significant portion of the price of an entire ‘AAA’ game it can be pretty hard to justify that being a fair price as an average customer can very easily spend several times the price of a ‘AAA’ game in microtransactions alone, generating far more money than just selling the game and having access or the ability to obtain everything in the game included in that selling price.

Things like armor coatings as an example, the cost to 343 of ‘blue’ is pennies, we’re talking about an intern maybe having to make maybe 3 or 4 mouse clicks if that, is it reasonable to then sell that work to potentially millions of customers for several thousand % mark-up?

No-one here is going to change their mind so arguing about it isn’t going to achieve anything for anyone.

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PS2 games were $50 as inflation and cost of production went up.
PS3 games were $60 as inflation and cost of production went up.
PS4 games stayed at $60 as inflation and cost of production went up.
PS5 games are $60 as inflation and cost of production went up.

There is a reason why more and more season passes and microtransactions have creeped into games since the PS4 era and it’s to make up for the inflation and increase in the production costs.

Laughed so hard at OP’s post. Copium


Bro do you know how easy it actually is to retexture a set of already complete armor? It’s not very hard at all. If it was priced at ONE DOLLAR, than the instant 200 people buy it’s already more than paid for itself. It is greed incarnate. 20 bucks for these bundles is INSANE and they know it. Bethesda knows it (FO76). Bungie knows it (D2).

They price it that way not because it’s fair, but because people will buy it, and people like you will defend it.

I think prices are comparable with most games out there of similar qualities.
However, it should be possible to obtain things for free at a reasonable speed.
I also think they should provide some good will cosmetics are rewards for being willing to take part in this game. Even if not done right away at some point I want to be able to have free skins, armor cores and color/emblem SETS (for all things) as good will free givings, of course keep your premium stuff premium, but they should have at least a three tier system: 1 free giving, 2 pay or play unlockable and 3 pay only unlockable, but they all should be comparable in terms of quality with obvious better quality being for the paid content (most of the time)

No one asked for the game to be free to play. The vast majority of us just wanted a normal $60 game that had a functioning progression/unlock system at launch.

This game should NOT have been free to play and it shouldn’t of had any microtransactions.

Stop trying to normalize this scummy monetization scheme.

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Let’s not pretend like we don’t all know that these cosmetics are paying for more than their own creation. (I got a little lost writing that, but I think you know what I mean).
Regardless, I agree that the prices seem to be way inflated. I won’t be purchasing anything at these prices. Cut them in half and then I’ll do it on occasion.

Many would reluctantly agree that microtransactions are a valid stream of income for a developer. However, many of the MTs in Halo Infinite feel like low-blows which only add to the sleaziness of their presence in the first place.

Must we really be limited to what color palettes we can apply PER ARMOR CORE? 1st you take away our legitimate agency over total color customization for no real technical reason, then you make it to where even when we finally unlock a palette we like. So after many hours laboring over challenges, we find that we can’t even apply it to our preferred armor core. I’m sure they’d profit just fine if this scummy limitation were removed.


“Star wars battlefront 2 isn’t that predatory, they can’t even possibly change the game at this point”