Stop complaining about armor pricing

I’m lucky enough to own an xbox one that I can play this free game on and I really like it for the most part.

I’m surprised to see so many posts about cosmetic items being overpriced.

Seems to me these gamers are spoiled and expect to be given everything for free. What free to play game did they come from? COD microtransactions are horrendous too.

Welcome to 2021 when large economic contrast and inflated currencies drive the prices up on everything. Please go to the grocery store and tell me the milk hasn’t gotten more expensive too. Everything is expensive now.

And to tell you the truth, I feel that we’re lucky that so many upper-class teenagers get to borrow their dads credit card because these expensive microtransactions are the lifeblood of the game and 343i. Without that money it all falls apart.

Did I mention these items are only cosmetic? You don’t need them and they give zero advantage.

So just calm down and play the game, or at least complain about something relevant like the non-negotiable crossplay. Jeez


You’ve alerted the horde.

Although I jest, there’s a big difference between normal monetization meant to put needed money into developers’ hands, and monetization that violates core design pillars and really only benefits the host.

But that’s not even the problem. The problem is how gracelessly and deceptively they took making your guy look cool and locked that part of the game up for an overpriced ransom.

It’s a big shock to us, and while stuff like this is industry standard nowadays, it’s a common theme that it’s really unfitting for a Halo title… at least as it is.

Truth be told, the battlepass isn’t a bad idea. It’s really good for F2P, and nobody really disagrees. But the execution leaves so much to be desired, for buyers and non-buyers alike.

The pass, coupled with an arguably predatory XP system based on buying level ups, challenge swaps and XP boosts, is already not super worth grinding for. Half of it is those same things you bought to progress it, and the other half is extremely limited in what you can do with it.

It’s just not a great situation, and it leaves a lot to be desired. I yield and say that the gameplay is enjoyable enough on its own for a nearly-complete user experience, but there’s reasons for why we have problems with the rest of the game.


You are a fool for letting Companies get away with this


Just look at the past games. Of course people are pissed. For what you’d originally get for free in say Reach, now costs an arm and a leg to get the same amount. Yes we don’t have to buy them, and yes it doesn’t ruin gameplay, but armour customisation has been a big thing since 3, and even CE if you include colours, which you now have to pay for too. Just because you don’t do too much customisation doesn’t mean you should let 343 get away with this.


Some of what you say is true, but people can complain all they want. Trying to shut down feedback is wrong. This thread should be locked asap.


No, it sucks, Halo games have a history of great customization and this one does not live up to expectations, I care about cosmetics and there is literally nothing wrong with that, and I don’t want everything to be given to me free, I would much rather have paid $60 and received a product with no microtransactions.

You should not have a problem with people that care about cosmetics criticizing the microtransactions in this game if you don’t care about them, because in that case it has literally no effect on you, in fact you should probably be supporting us, because the sooner they deal with this the sooner they can move on to the other issues in the game, but right now this is what a lot of people are mad about.


TBH when you look at inflation video games should not be $60. They should be about $78-$90.



To pretend that this isn’t an issue with gamers at large is sort of making light of it. Microtransactions have always been popular and its why F2P games (and predatory practices) exist.


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Good seeing you :slight_smile:

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Funny enough, you are contradicting yourself with your own post.

Mentioning how everything is more expensive today in grocery stores and inflated currencies are suffering is even a more valid reason for not to have this kind of monetization system in the game. Because not everyone can afford it.

An armor set in this game is worth the same as 2 weeks of gas for me.

Yeah, we all want to enjoy the game, because its actually a good one, but when they strip us from features that have been in halo since 2001 just so they can satisfy their corporate greed, and paywall everything, is a huge red flag and not the way to go. :slight_smile:


Small world lol good to see you too. Let me know if you wanna play infinite some time

Hell it’s only a quarter of a tank for me :rofl:

I personally wouldn’t care about the pricings if the monetization was akin to Apex Legends’. But the way it is currently executed is baffling to a lot of people including me.
If I have the job of fixing Infinite’s monetization:

  • I’d reduce the price of all items in the shop
  • Add something that allows players to grind or pay for EVENT tiers instead of being limited by weekly challenges, forcing everyone to wait for the next weeks)
  • Make all armor colors/visor colors available to all armor cores
  • Just remove unnecesary armor restrictions (like inabilty to equip mark 5 helmets on mark 7 armors)

Even if we say ok fine and just ignore the overpriced cosmetics we still have the elephant in the room that is core gameplay features like campaign coop and forge being delayed 6 and 9 months respectively even after a 1 year delay yet we have all these stupidly overpriced cosmetics and less map and modes than not only both of the previous halo games they themselves made but also less than halo ce.

People need to stop defending this garbage with crap like “just enjoy the game” because we got less game too.


How about you shut up and quit trying to shut down feedback?


Yeah sure we should allow these practices, do not complain and be happy, that’s a great mindset. :upside_down_face:

If people don’t complain, we’ll get yoinked more and more, where would it stop?
-Yoink!- practices are still -Yoink!- no matter what year we are.


I mean - 343 has asked for feedback on progression and monetization. Considering it’s one of the largest issue people have it only makes sense people will complain about it.

I could say the same thing about crossplay - I can virtually guarantee that 90% of players have no idea what it is, that doesn’t devalue the concern.

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You tell them!!! My only issue so far is how slow leveling up in the season is. I feel like I’m crawling through the season.

Absolutely not. This is the negotiation phase, 343/Microsoft started with a battlepass and cosmetic setup they know is too far so that players accept one that’s also too far but not as bad.

People should be making more noise if anything. Don’t accept anything less than the full Warframe.