Stop Body Disrespect & Tbagging

Yoo guys, I think it’s a bit late to bring this one but… am I the only one who is against Tbagging and body Disrespect? In my opinion those two things shouldn’t be done though.

Most of the time, people who do that are toxic players that after you kill them like 4 times the same dude when he kill you he tbag you? Dude, you are better than that, there’s no need for Tbagging people or body Disrespect.

Some people will agree with me that Tbagging or body Disrespect isn’t acceptable but some will disagree because is something we had since halo 3 from Xbox 360.

Im just gonna say that if you tbag people expect tbag back and don’t rage quit hahaha

Some toxic dudes are like that, like they tbag you and you kill them 3 times and when the match over you tbag them hard and they send you a message “Hey bro, stop Tbagging” like for real haha.

I just wish there was a kind of death penalty or game kick off if you tbag or body Disrespect someone.

This will show the community to stop those two dirty and toxic things. If they don’t understand with words they will with sticks and rocks haha


The idea of punishing a player for pressing the crouch button multiple times is silly

like you outlined in your post, this isn’t a recent epidemic in Halo, it’s been a thing for over a decade & despite it being annoying having it done to you, it’s not something that affects or disrupts gameplay, it’s a choice

I’d rather a client-side toggle exist for people to disable the act from their side.


That is what I liked about the martyrdom perk in call of duty 4: Modern warfare. I have seen a similar post in the past about punishing T-baggers. The only difference they were concerned/ upset about was that he had to try and explain to their kid what the other person was doing.

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This gives me a much more reason to T-bag


Well, as for you, expect tbagging and don’t get rage quit if someone do to you and also don’t get toxic

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Tell us youre toxic without telling us youre toxic.

To reply to OP, though, I’ve seen a few games where it’s publically frowned upon so I think one day I’ll miss it.

Last time I checked I don’t get phased by someone who T-bags me, as for you, I can tell it’s the complete opposite


I find it silly, but I also find it hilarious when people get upset over it. I remember someone got so angry about it in Red Faction: Guerilla once, that person sent me a message mid game over it. I got quite a few free kills since the person was so busy typing. If someone on the other team rage quits, that make winning all the easier. If someone does it back, I laugh out loud.

Nah, but if you tbag me it better be off some kill that was insane and hard to pull off, none of this melee kill or teamshot and tbag bull like these little kids keep doing. At least earn the bag, if you don’t you look like an egotistical clown who still can’t make it past gold.

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It sucks, but eh.

It’s just a mark of immaturity / someone who can take the time to not contribute to the game, to flaunt.

That said, friendly T-Bagging, that’s great and should stay.


they tbag in HCS even, grow up its a game, you think tbagging is bad? youre getting shot at until you die BEFORE you get tbagged. sheesh

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Sure it’s childish. But it’s also kinda part of the Halo culture and can be done in a friendly manner. We shouldn’t take these things too personally.
I usually don’t t-bag, with rare exceptions. But I couldn’t care less if someone does it to me. Sometimes getting tea-bagged makes me laugh, for example if me and the opponent shared an unusual moment before I died. It can be a great way of silent communication.


You know whats also disrespectful? Putting bullets in someone.

Its a silly, childish thing. But its also a game.


We shall have a T-bag conga line.

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Yeah I’m sorry but this is pretty much impossible. If this bothers you then I recommend games like sims, slime ranchers, or any other game that isn’t a multiplayer FPS with literal murder. If T-bagging bothers you to the extent that you think it should be punishable, then I respectfully recommend playing games rated “E”.


Listen man, T-bagging was a right of passage when i was growing up in my youth. When i finally got good at Halo and could drop more than one person I T-bagged someone. I was also 15 at the time. Im now 30, a bit slower than i was then, so if someone T-bags me, I just assume its some kid who’s probably 15 or 16 and they think its funny. No shame on them and I dont really care. I play with the same buddies from my Halo 3 days and we T-bag the F out of each other for old times sake, and we’re on the same team. If it bothers you that much, then either just ignore it and move on with your matches, or like everyone else has said, play something else. But dont complain about some kid who’s probably sitting in his room playing a game he enjoys and just being a kid. We’ve all been there. We’ve all been immature lil turds at some point.


The fact this is a thread here is kinda mind boggleling…

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you have the option to switch to a teammate’s camera, you don’t have to limit yourself to looking at your body.

I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don’t have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of teabagging skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career, skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

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