Stop adding rank missions into weekly challenge

I’m a asian mouse onyx player, I got to onyx only because of that trinket, and I stopped playing rank until those weekly missions forced me to.
There are 2 main reasons I dont want to play rank: first, in my case, I get high ping servers at least 60% of the time------when you had to play with 200ms, and face opponents who play with 20ms and have close skill set to you, its impossiable to preform. Usually I become a burden, and teammates those who are really grinding and trying to rich higher elo are disappointed.
Second, controller’s aim assist on br is insane, untouchable for mouse players like me, you have either wait in mnk queue for (sometimes absurdly) long time, or playing against controller players.

Possiable solutions: 1. remove rank missions 2. make us able to choose which server we want to land 3. give us an option to mnk 4stack/ close cross platform matchmaking( I doubt it will work cuz there are a lot of high elo controller players using pc)


Ranked is unplayable in Asia right now. I’ve only been placed in Aussie servers with 130+ ping this entire week.

Even being in the UK I get stuck on high ping servers, probably not as bad as you but easily the 100-150 range at times, it’s ridiculous.