Stop adding/changing things / just fix matchmaking

I have been playing Halo since I got my Xbox in 2005. When I heard about the Master Chief Collection I was super excited. I was excited to play when I picked up the game at gamestop on launch day. Three months later and I am disappointed, pissed, and sad. Last week I spent and hour getting nothing but failed to connect errors. I check for information regarding updates and I’m reading about new maps and playlists. How is giving me more content I can’t even play it gonna help? Relic is an awesome map and I’d love to be able to play it some day. However right now I just wanna be able to play.

I feel the same way. They add more content to distract us from the already broken multiplayer. Yes, I know they are working hard to fix the issues but how about not adding more fuel to the fire and just focus on what’s broken. I step forward and three back will never get this game fixed. The match making times are what are killing the experience for everyone. I was also a bit overwhelmed by the amount of game types there were. Why so many? What happen to just team, big team and just a few others?

I agree. It’s no good having new and updated playlists when it takes an age to connect to a (never full) game and then get disconnected before the end of the round. It’s a shame because when I am in a game it’s been so much fun, only to know that it will inevitably disconnect me