Stockpile rework idea

Currently steals are basically pointless, sitting and trying to steal gives the enemy team an alert, it’s in their base where 12 players are around/spawning constantly and it takes ages, once you have stolen, you can’t even move the seed effectively. It might slightly slow the enemy team down. They usually get the seed back quickly as it’s so close to their base. Huge risk, little reward.

My suggestion would be to make the steal instantaneous with a 10-15 second cool down for the player that has stolen a seed. Two players can steal two seeds instantly but both must wait to steal another seed. Once a seed is stolen the message pops up to advise enemy players this is the case. This will allow players to effectively steal and try to escape with one to make it more viable and back and forth strategy.

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I like this idea OP. To pull off a seed steal right now takes like 6 people on your team not focusing on the regular pile. Or the enemy team has to basically be totally focused on the mid map pile and ignoring their base/alerts.

Pro tip for stockpile if you do get a seed steal. On High Power and one base of Fragmentation, after you steal a seed (or a couple) you can throw them off the cliffs by the base. This is stockpiles version of play ball in oddball.

The fact that you can throw the seeds off the cliff at one base and not the other on Fragmentation is kinda unbalanced imo

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