Stockpile.,, oh was I wrong

I tried yall I only needed 1 stockpile game before the weekly and the game wouldn’t load one for me … last night started good… I got the 2/3 game I needed… thought this challenge was gonna be a breeze, oh boi was I wrong.

After about 3 hours (maybe 4) of consecutive BTB games I’ve finally called it knowing I was one challenge,-… one game away. Nothing but slayer/ctf that gave a massive 50 exp towards the season.

Y’all they’re manipulating game mode chance if your close to finishing I can tell just to keep people playing. It doesn’t have to be like this just make the challenges reasonable and people will PLAY


I know the feeling you’re talking about. Me and a buddy were talking about how it’s all of a sudden slightly harder to join games if you have a double XP active. Not by much, maybe 15-45 seconds extra, but it definetly feels that way. I thought about collecting data on it but it’s just not worth the time it takes to confirm. I’m not one for wearing a tinfoil hat, and I’m not saying it’s aliens but…it’s aliens.


Ya maybe it’s just -blam- luck but still y’all feelsbadman I think I rage quit a few games to just to see if the new one would be it

I had two game mode specific challenges last week, and I spent nearly a whole day not getting the game modes I needed.
I genuinely believe that they are weighing against the challenges you need. I can’t prove it, but it really feels that way.

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Exactly. It encourages quitting. And given how Halo works, 343 should be smart enough to discourage quitting in every way they possibly can, but nah…

Lets give players a challenge that requires RNG to even have a shot at completion. And if players draw the wrong number, then that’s 10 to 15+ minutes that they aren’t earning cosmetics. Are we playing a cell phone game here?

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All by design! I dont blame people for quitting games when such an obnoxious sytem is trying to annoy them. The whole reason we cant pick game modes is in the hope you wouldve cracked and used or bought a challenge swap.

I had a similar experience. The challenge was to get 10 kills with the hydra. I thought with Fiesta that shouldn’t be a problem. I was at 9 of 10 hydra kills and spend 8 hours (in the span of 3 days) in different playlists to find a hydra.

Can we stud muffin Spartans just take a W sometimes. I just want to unlock the cool armours I like that’s all