Stockpile is very boring as it is right now

Stockpile is in the rotation way to much in big team battle. Also another recommendation about stockpile, there are way to many power cores to get and that spawn, It would be much more fun and less tedious if there was only 1 to maybe 3 power cores the teams had to fight over and you only had to capture 1 to 3 power cores per round to win


I really hate this game mode for me is the worst of all the Halo saga, I can’t even understand at all how the power cores respawn sometimes when the round 2 end you can quickly take the respawning batteries and the game is done.

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too few power cores though and it just becomes neutral flag (which I concede would be a good addition to the playlist, but it wouldnt be stockpile anymore)

I think it just needs to be cut down a little bit, like 3 cores required to score, and 3/5 of the amount of cores spawning in total with each core drop.

Alternatively, make stealing enemy’s plugged in cores faster, and only spawn 5 cores at a time, and, similar to total control, your team must plug in all 5 to score, then more will spawn. Make it so stealing the enemy cores is more of a prevalent strat since most likely it will end up being necessary to score.

Disagree with having less seeds, that would make it too slow.


but having too many cores is what makes it slower. Needing to micromanage every single little core, and spend a minute sitting there throwing cores toward your base, or fiddling with the back of the razorback to load up cores.

Fewer cores would probably speed the mode up if anything.

Biggest issue with Stockpile is that cores don’t always spawn in neutral areas, like its basically pointless sometimes as all of the cores can just spawn close to either base and it just doesn’t feel contested at all.

Also, I encountered a bug where power cores spawned inside of a structure (making them impossible to take)

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Yeah, a majority of the games of Stockpile I have played have been blowouts or effective blowouts. What I mean by “effective blowouts” is that even though the final score may make it look like a close game, in reality the winning team controlled things from the very beginning and the other team basically had no chance.

I’ve had a few good Stockpile matches for it some tension, but it’s too easy for one team to pull ahead and control the seeds. It’s almost impossible to have an upset or save the game. Even if you steal a power seed, it feels like you’re just slightly delaying the inevitable.

It is fun to use the Razorback to load up power seeds and teammates, but things are usually too lopsided and it’s hard to get people to coordinate.


Unfortunately, they can’t take this game type out of rotation as the designed an aAhievement for it. So hopefully they can make improvements somehow. Some of the suggestions people made though would make it very difficult to earn the Achievement. Too difficult, I would say.

I’ve got no skin in the game as I already got the Achievement.

You’re literally describing CTF with a neutral flag.

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Ever try using the razorback to mount 2 cores on the back and have 3 others carry them as passengers?

Use the razerback for a blitzkrieg style win. Have 2 distract the other team with a warthog while 3 people handle the shards quietly. The rest of the team wont even matter what they are doing since 80% of them will be trying to get challenges done and ignoring the objective.

Make Stockpile a treasure hunt.
Keep the seeds unmarked in the UI.
Make us use the AI scan to find them and the ping system to show their location to our allies.

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are you talking about ranked or social because someone is telling me that only happens in ranked…

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I actually like Stockpile.
The mode that I can’t stand is Total Control.
Total Control matches take a very long time, and they’re not fun.
At least Strongholds matches end somewhat fast, and I’d say Stockpile matches do as well.

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Yeah i hate total control would rather play king of the hill or crazy king than that strongholds at least lets you score wehn you have a majority of the points captured, i originally didn’t like stockpile ,because I didn’t understand it ,of all the gametypes I like it’s last on my list though ,but i can see very good ways of playing it I once got in 3 cells in one run using a razorback wiht 2 on the back and a passenger had another, I constantly use the razorback on high power or Fracture i think it is to grab 2 cells instead of chucking them to the base since i can only carry one at a time and sometimes i actually do get 2 cells back to base… If i had more cover fire and allies helping i might get more than one run ,but so far i’ve only had a max of 3 cells in one run. Maybe if we had challgenes that more lined up with all games instead of the ones we have we’d have a little more team work… I believe i even posted a topic on the usefulness of the Razorback in Ctf and Stockpile, maybe the razorback can hold the bomb if we get assault

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Capture the Flag and Total Control wouldn’t even be on a list of my liked modes.

Anyway, about allies not helping during Stockpile matches, I was reading a topic about that problem, though for all objective modes, and people mentioned that having a performance-based system might help.

I also posted the changes that I thought might help, like giving XP for protecting players who are carrying objectives, for medals given through teamwork and for winning matches, and reducing the amount of challenges with difficult goals (only 4 each month).

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