Stockpile is Tedious

Even when both teams are playing correctly, and EVEN when you’re doing well, Stockpile is just tedious to play. The massive grouping of tiny objectives that must all be amassed towards your base is annoying. Does anyone else feel like it would be more fun with fewer objectives? I know this might be something that’s subjective, but I always groan when I get stockpile in the BTB matchmaking queue.

I think the number of objectives (and number of objectives required at base to score) should be cut to like 3/5 of what it is now, so it takes 3 seeds to score, and the fewer seeds on the battlefield will lead to each seed being more of an important target, avoiding some of those moments where 1 seed will get seperated from the rest and forgotten about cuz its not the giant group of 5 seeds.

I absolutely despise Stockpile. I honestly want to back out every time I get it, but of course I don’t. There are so many other objective modes from previous games that are way better.


I like it.
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It’s one of my favorite modes when my team isn’t worthless. Ideally, I can juggle up to 4 batteries to the base by myself, if my teammates are even remotely in the right area and shooting the enemies trying to stop me. Realistically, you only need 2 or 3 teammates to actually grab batteries and juggle 2 or 3, or bring a vehicle. Unfortunately, the reality is that all your teammates are out doing challenges and playing Slayer, and you’re usually the only person on the team even trying to win the match. If you’re lucky, you’ll have one other person taking their sweet time walking the battery the long way to the base, for about 5 whole minutes, causing you to lose from them being so slow. When I play with friends in party chat, it’s super fast to win, since we have half the team occupied by people actually doing it right.

I really like it, but I think we need more modes if you are feeling frustrated seeing it coming up. That is what this is a true sign of. Boredom from lack of content.

I completely agree with the OP stockpile is one of the worst game types ever to grace a Halo game. As a team we don’t even bother playing we just want the game to end as quickly as possible.

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Indeed I am.

Its not necessarily that. Like I said in the OP Its still annoying even when you’re doing well and your team is working together and doing the objective like they should. It’s just juggling that many little objectives which i find tedious.

Stockpile is basically CTF but with a ton of flags. So you need to juggle the flags to your base, which typically requires far more than just 1 person to get anything done. Only difference really is the ability to steal cores but I personally don’t find it too impactful as is most often its either they score or they don’t, and that steal time is looooong.

Having less objectives would just be pointless and hurt the mode in my opinion. It would just make the mode feel more like CTF. This would be like saying Strongholds needs to have 1 Stronghold instead of 3, well that’s called KOTH lol you see my point?

Only nooby teams ignore the power cores btw, for you to just “forget” a power core is akin to you just not wanting to win.

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Stockpile is nothing more than an overly complicated neutral flag. Just bring back neutral flag with 5 caps to win and be done with it.

You think picking up a core and putting it in a hole is complicated? Try Halo 5’s Warzone sometimes, now that was complicated.

Stockpile is simple, whether or not people actually play it right isn’t though.

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I like the way you took ‘overly complicated’ out of context, stockpile is just a poor man’s neutral flag. Once again 343i have taken a tried and tested well thought out game type and given it it’s own spin. It is not an interesting game type, it seemed fun at first but the more you play it the more you see it’s just boring.

people gotta learn to use the razorback the right way

the razorback doesn’t totally fix this. Fanangling the seeds with the rear carrying rack is a big pain since you end up just getting in the back seat instead a lot of the time.