Stockpile feels bad, very snowbally

Stockpile is the only game mode I currently dislike, as it feels super snowballs. Core spawns often don’t feel balanced in their spawn, and because their is like…8-10 cores in each spawn, the team with the more favorable spawn snowballs out of control. They easily get the first two points if they can control a favorable point in the middle of the map, something thats not that hard to do. Its not like they are contesting something near the enemy base.

I got a few ideas to help with that, separate or combined.

  1. Balance the spawns better. Not sure that can be a thing with the asymmetry of the maps.
  2. All cores on the map not scored when a team gets a point disappear. This prevents snowball.
  3. Instead of spawning all in one clump, they spawn spread out. Maybe all alone, or in groups of 2 or 3 or something.
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