Stockpile: Changes & Stuff

Everybody’s least fave mode could use some touches if it’s weighted as high as it is right now (every other match is Stockpile, I swear).

  • increase throw range ever slightly.
  • Loading them up shouldn’t be instantaneous.
  • Stealing them shouldn’t take so long.
  • However, loading them should still be faster than stealing them, I agree.
  • Every score should ‘reset the board’ even if a player is holding one to have clear distinction between ‘rounds’.


  • If even four players out the whole team are actually playing the objective that team will win. Pick em up, guys.
  • Use the Razorback. Properly used that could be a whole score in one trip.
  • Just throw them down lane. I juggled three of those things from mid map by myself for a triple cap (my team was playing Slayer that whole time).
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