Stock Pile activates ALL Respawn Zones on the map??!?!?!

I discovered a problem with Stock Pile that takes the extent of the Stock Pile game type problems to new heights. It looks as though Stock Pile game type spawns EVERY Respawn Zone (Strong Zone) on the map, disrespecting their game type labels entirely.

Is there someone from 343 that can confirm this and tell us if it is going to get fixed?

I havent used Stockpile in any of my maps so far, but I’d like to start to add more accessibility to them. This glitch proves a problem, because I place large neutral spawn zones on my maps to create a dynamic spawning system, and if items tagged with the Slayer gametype appear in Stockpile, then it will break my spawning system when people play that gametype.

This is something that need to be addressed, so Im going to be persistent in bumping it until it gets a response.

Well, in my opinion, more important than this one bug getting fixed is that 343 create a forum for reporting bugs and providing feedback to confirm and/or explain what we see happening. This is just one bug.